Triglavian in regular belts all over eve?

They have enough dps to take out orca too

Then u Have 2 account, Have Only one to do mining. And ship and skill are far away from What you Have. Saw now that this rats Have enter soe mission to.

My account ends anyway in like a week. So i take a break til this event is over.

Lycky for u that can mine and kill the rats.

See after this event is over. Playing some quake/Rom/crusader 2

I think I like this new entry. I’ve moved from mining in my venture to other stuff for as long as my Omega lasts. So I’m not too affected.

It’s nice though I cannot warp in as easily now for my 10k SP as I could before (not that I did much: preferred to run security missions)
I suppose I would be quite annoyed if I was still mining as a new bloke in a venture, but then again I learned the effect of incursions the painful way while doing that before… One of the countermeasures already mentioned here: don’t mine in a system where you don’t have a combat ship in system as well.

The trig recon do seem te be a lot tougher (as in: blow you to smithereens much quicker) than incursions. I’ve so far only run into them in a destroyer or cruiser, and they did serious damage. I don’t think a venture of mine would have survived that. At first I thought they were regular belt-rats, and by the time I realized they were not I was already in armor. A Venture would have been in hull or pod.

As far as i seen, they attack any asteroid mining in high sec and go str8 to mining drones if they are out.
That also explains the isk rise in augmented mining drones on the market.
high sec afk asteroid mining, is over!

This is pretty cool, but they need to start attacking structures to beat back some of the astra spam.

I think CCP take a very broad path of action with the trig attack of miners.

I Leave a citadel in a tanked procurer, and get the black out screen. Some seconds later, i find myself thethered and be agressed by three NPC. Luck i was tethered.


Now some miners go to unsubscribe.

And i agree the “npc in trig belts in non invaded missions are quicker and dangerous than 0.0 belt rats” observation.

Selling characters, by the way, to leave my main untouchedand training. The Era of chaos sounds more as a era of unsubs.

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A highsec rat can kill an Orca?

That is one terribly fit Orca in that case, even a T2 fit Orca should have blown away all the rats before its shields are barely scratched.

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Not a rat but a triglavian rat

Triglavian recon rats come in groups of 2-4 and should be no problem for any Orca properly tanked, equiped with drones, and a player at the keyboard. I guess if a player was inattentive and let the rats chew uninterrupted for 10-15 minutes, it might start to overwhelm any shield regen, but very slowly for a properly fit Orca. I would like to see any km to see how many hps it took for an Orca destroyed by a recon Triglavians group

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You cannot be targeted or aggressed while tethered, so what in the world are you talking about?

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25b ISK and counting so far. Ore is gonna go up, bots will adapt, new players will leave.

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Looking through zkill, I was struck by how many ships were either poorly fit or there were indications of player being afk/botting. One Orca lost was due to over 100k of damage from 3 different groups: normal belt rat,FOB rats, and Triglavian recon rat. That is a case where there is no player at the keyboard. He also had zero offensive drones to defend themselves! Many other ships are maxed out for yield with no tank, partially fit, or somehow managed to stick around accepting 30k+ damage and not warping out.

I posted earlier that CCP had created with their development of Trig recons the equivalent of CODE-lite. They are trying to get people to properly fit their ships, not be afk and never bot. In return, they will never ask for a license or convo you trolling for tears. I also find it interesting that many of the people complaining are apparently using Google translate and have the same sentence structures. Whole different server and rules, perhaps?


U want say, i dont suffer DAMAGE, but green lights between three Trigs ships and me.

I see my Hub, is white, docked.

The light scanning your ship is a cosmetic effect that CCP put in to indicate that the Triglavians are interested in what/who we are; it has zero impact on any gameplay. You are not targeted or at any risk.

After hunting them for a while, most frigate sized vessels will have problems with the recon groups. They remote rep and hit pretty hard. Cruisers can handle them, with acceptable skills and anything above that can clean them up without much effort. They are fun and can seriously challenge an AF. However, since they spawn in all highsec systems this might be a bit too much for newer players. When I have people asking me how to sell or buy something, it’s a bit too much trying to get them to setup a ship and manage to attack and tank at the same time. Additionally, CCP making them a separate overview item that has to be selected isn’t helping newer players at all. I haven’t checked starter systems, but hopefully they are not allowed in there.

I have to check if they are attracted to mining lasers though, hunting them by scanning and jumping to belts and/or structures takes quite a while as they tend to move around quite a bit.

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no. if i move a little and broke thether i will be dead.

In station instead citadel i will be dead.

Tanked procurer, level one drones… docked.

You do not understand how tether works in regards to Upwell structures.
Please reread tethering rules and mechanics. Even in an NPC station, unless a kick out station, control+ Space bar stops your ship and you have undock immunity still so you can redock quickly.

Thanks. Muted conversation.

Try to read and understand what u r reading.

Why should i skill a ship to kill a rat if i dont want to pve. The one hour i play i want to work my bpos. Please explain why do i have to engage in pve. There is nothing in the EULA neither at the page where i payed the subscription.