Quick Questions regarding random Trig encounters


quick, maybe stupid, question: as I understand, there is a high possibility of random encounters with Triglavians anywhere (is that so? I understood, there is a main Incursion site/system and small skirmishes/scouts in all other systems). Do the Trig (OUTSIDE the main incursion) always show up in force as a big fleet and you HAVE to flee to survive or are the random encounters smaller, so is there a fighting chance (say, if i am currently fitted for PvE and doing stuff in a battlecruiser [Hurricane])?

Is it realistic to fight the Trigs that you encounter outside of the main incursion (of course maybe not in a frig, but BC and better) or is it just Trig-gankfleet all the way?

I want to check if it is possible to do my stuff (cautiously), or if I generally need to stay indoors when I am not activly seeking a fleet to take the fight to them.

Ive not checked since chapter 3 release but before then was 4 frigs at the most in my experience. They hit pretty hard but die fairly fast if you can hit them.

While the new level 3 Trig Invasion may throw new rules/encounters, the old 2-4 trig freigate patrols were designed to reduce afk mining in belts, as well as allow players to gain experience in the tactics and abilities of the Trigs prior to entering any actual 3 types of Invasion systems. Any cruiser + warship that can either hit them through tracking or web use usually makes short work of them and since they do not scram you, you can warp out if needed. Only newer players in poorly tanked ships or those afk/highly inattentive usually lose their ships, although there may be exceptions. Damage application is important, since they circle at extremely high speeds.

For the time being emerging conduits (the source of the roaming Raznaborg squads) seem to be restricted to the invasion systems. You’re unlikely to encounter them anywhere else. The Raznaborgs have also been reclassified as scouts and significantly nerfed making them a lot easier to deal with.

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Cool, thanks for all the replies. I just wondered, because I saw many a people seem to be having trouble with triglavians in their “normal” HS gameplay so I thought to ask. I have experience dealing with very fast ships, and even small NPC fleets with cruisers + frigs should pose no problem.

I was worried about roaming BS + Cruise + scramming Frig Fleets.

Thanks again.

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