Quick Question regarding Triglavian random encounters


quick, maybe stupid, question: as I understand, there is a high possibility of random encounters with Triglavians anywhere. Do they always show up as a fleet and you HAVE to flee to survive or is there a real fighting chance (say, if i am currently fitted for PvE and doing stuff in a battlecruiser [Hurricane])? Are there moments where you can realistically fight some of the Trigs, that want to ambush you (of course maybe not in a frig, but BC and better) or is it just Trig-gankfleet all the way?

I want to check if it is possible to do my stuff (cautiously), or if I generally need to stay indoors when I am not activly seeking a fleet to take the fight to them.

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For Invasion systems you probably need a Fleet.

For other systems with an Emerging Conduit where Triglavian Scouts randomly spawned, you can probably do them solo.

However I don’t know if that’s still correct since this is supposedly the last chapter of the Triglavian story now.

I think you’ll probably find more info about it in the appropriate sub-forums:


Thank you, i put my question in the right forum and clarified a bit.


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