Are 'non invasion' Triglavian groups still attacking newbie belts?

I was noting how much more powerful the ‘scouts’ are than standard NPCs and can see why they’d wipe out a newbie’s frigate 2 seconds after arrival. So are they still showing up in newbie belts?

At that point, we might as well just cause all newbie ships to explode the second they press UNDOCK. It’d be about the same experience. There’s no reasonable chance of reaction at that low level of skill and experience.

Well, ok, there’s one reasonable reaction, and that’s to stop subbing and find a new game. But unfortunately, that’s a major cause of EVE’s numbers going down, and CCP increasingly looking like they’ll have to close the door. So, not a good path.

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Well, Emerging Conduits / Triglavian Scout packs don’t spawn in the new player starter systems.

Guess everywhere else is open season.

Give it some time. Someone will post a video of CCP that says ganking newbs makes them subscribe.


Spawn triglavian invasions in trade hubs.
Do it…

it was only recently changed to get trigs out of rookie systems, i think it took about a month or so just to get that to happen

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