Triglavian Invasions


Sep 11, 19:27 UTC

There needs to be a limit to the number of invasions occurring at once. This also includes the emerging conduits due to the raznaborg presence. I can’t even mine in peace anymore due to the Raznaborgs everywhere. Players are moving out of the systems where the triglavians have invaded… this put more players on non triglavian spaces… This has also resulted in more gankers showing up in those places. I can’t even get a cargo hold of ore mined before i have to warp out to escape a sure killing. This has made me consider strongly to just quite the game… Just when i was considering to upgrade my account to omega… Now I know I won’t upgrade. Please reduce the number on triglavian invasions and emerging conduits… or move them out of high sec… So I can relax a little and start having fun again. Thanks

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Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games.

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This is MMO. Bring friends. Also, most of the time if you bounce they will warp of the belt and you can go back to your job.

pro tip. If you must mine in hisec, mine moons

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Your a Hi-Sec player, not a Null whiner.

Adapt and overcome, or just move over a couple of systems.

Why do you go where people are to do your PvE?

A suggestion, start a security mission of a level of your choice, and clean out the npc’s. Many of the mission sites have loads of asteroids, especially level 1 and 2 missions. The worst that shows up there is a couple of npc belt rats as usual. The only thing that remains is to dscan for combat probes from any bored ganker. At least you won’t have to deal with triglavians and competitors.
Another suggestion is to go to the ore anomalies that you can find in the Agency/Resource Harvesting.
In Eve there are always several creative solutions available for any problem :sunglasses:


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