Triglavian Roaming Fleet buffs coming

I am hoping with the upcoming addition of warp scramblers to the roaming fleets and the fact they will be in ice anoms, data/relic sites, missions, combat sites basically anywhere in eve instead of just belts and gates that botting will finally be vanquished.

Its also great that CCP is taking a stance against solo play which is an abomination and finally looking to improve the need to cooperate and fleet up.

I can see a great many subs increasing because of this. Right on.

Shouldn’t this be in the player fiction area?

I shall refit my Orca, thanks for the update

Do you have link to Official source stating this?

Again, do you have a link to an Official source stating this?

Actually the exact opposite will happen if what you posted is true.

Yeah, either that or Player Features & Ideas sub-forum.


Is this a troll thread? Warp scrambling trig fleets all over high security space? Attacking solo play as if it’s a thing to be exterminated? Increase sub numbers? Drugs are bad, mmkay.

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This thread have a point or are you just trying to troll?


He’s not necessarily trying to troll. He could be making a player suggestion, just in a very sarcastic way.

Previous posting history suggests otherwise.


Oh my. They keep track of us!



OP, this will be easily countered by capsuleers with the upcoming addition of the jovian ship tree.

I am especially excited for the jovian mining ships!

How DARE you slander the name of Honest Investment Banker !!

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This OP is ridiculous.

Actually, I’ve heard that the Triglavians are developing new kinds of EWAR that will straight up delete your character when they use it on you. Truly, they are the most dangerous foes we have ever faced.

That’s why I am planning to use the new jove capital mining ship, now that we are allowed to fly them in high sec.

Do you think the upcoming changes to the panic button that will make it a permanent passive module will change the game in any way?

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Probably the greatest change in Eve history. It’ll bring in 10^46 new subs.

I don’t see a bridge but I do see a Troll!

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This guy has been spreading this stuff for months under different names. Never any proof.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode shouldn’t you have just locked this for trolling?

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Yeah, the CSM had to talk CCP down from Trig Ewar that would delete your boot.ini.

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