New Triglavian Destroyer and BC damage seems underwhelming

From what I’ve seen reported on the two new Triglavian combat vessels, it seems like their damage output is pretty underwhelming. Each utilitizes 1 disintegrator with only a modest 10% increase in damage output per-level, but both get better range.

They both get 10% more damage per-level, upped 5% from the frigate and cruiser.

The BC gets a fixed role bonus of 25% increased range, plus 4% increased resists per-level. It also can use command burst mods.

The destroyer gets a bonus of 20% increased range per-level, as well as, an additional fixed role bonus of 50% increased range.

I say they deserve higher damage, but what do you think? Does the extended range of the destroyer and higher utility value of the BC compensate?

Link for what we know so far:

Sooo, the ships get above average range and tank, seems then it’s only fair to not give it above average dps don’t you think?

Or am I now being too reasonable and logical.


The battlecruiser already gets spooled DPS, better range, slightly bonused tank and will likely be very manueverable if they get similar stats with mass. I don’t see how adding more DPS is necessary.

I thought it also had spooled remote reps too now? I wonder if the command bursts will shorten the spool time too?

Nerf and buff it quick before its even in game!! should add nullification to the destroyer… then take it away before it goes live…

just sayin…


Spooled remote reps only apply to the logi cruisers (T1 and T2)

Ah right, but how will the BC command bursts affect those?Faster spool up and increased rep amount could be interesting.

Active shielding/armor charges reduce cap usage and cycle time for reps so it would be ideal to have this on a triglav logi.

“will likely be very manueverable if they get similar stats with mass.”

Will it though? I wish we had full stats available. I’d be inclined to agree with you, but command bursts aside, it seems like it’s performance is less like a BC and more of a HAC. I guess it’s HP count could change that though.

I think the destroyer is probably fine, though it deserves a 3rd high slot for utility mods. Otherwise they’ll have to do a buff/nerf pass on it in 3 months… like always.

Destroyers usually have plenty of highslots and hardpoints. Why make a destroyer with only two highslots? Kikimora has a slot layout of a frigate. I would give it an ability to fit a second entropic disintegrator at the expense of removing damage bonus from the hull.

DREKAVAC - someone from Bosnia named it ???

DREK is Croatian word for S H I T :joy:

I think you can be happy they did not called it bukavac. Drekavac is only a big head on a very thin body, that screams. Bukavac would be much worse, trust me…

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That was my inclination too, but the art asset is completed. Adding a new turret hardpoint would delay deployment of the ship with this update, so I figured up the damage SLIGHTLY, and/or give it a 3 utility high slot.

at the very least…
these new triglavian ships (at least initially based on the pic in ops link) look cooler.
far less blocky and ugly than the first round but honestly i will never fly one and neither will 99% of the people in this game.

they were failed content that was a waste of dev time. i dont see that changing by adding to the lineup. people wanted the jove as a new playable race and ships.
triglavians are pointless.

Weren’t we saying similar things about the 1st 3 ships? How they seemed a bit underwhelming for PvP? Then suddenly they became the most popular ships in the Alliance Tournament. How about we wait and see how they actually perform before passing judgement?

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I fly Trig ships and to me it seems like they should have released a Trig HAC or something like that instead of the Battlecruiser.

The leshak is OK but the Vedmak is sub par for general use by quite a bit. It has spooled up DPS comparable to equivalent faction cruisers / T2s and T3s, but that is spooled up, where is the bonus for the spool up penalty ?

Its tank is sub par due to 2 shallow resist holes. It has worse resist profile then nearly all navy cruisers, faction cruisers, T2s and T3s. Only some T1s are worse, but look at the cost difference, it should not have a basic T1 resist profile. Also if it was like most ships in Eve that has only 1 instead of 2 resist holes it would be much easier to fit. This plays a big role in its capabilities.

IMHO they should have gone with something like 7.5% / ship skill level increase instead of 5% on it.

Now the battlecruiser, the 10% DPS increase along with range bonus may be adequate but it will depend on rest of its stats. It wont have the movement of a Vedmak, and if its sig is too big it will require a lot of tank so you won’t be able to put a lot of DPS mods in it. The 4% resist bonus on it is I guess CCPs answer to the tank problems that the Vedmak has. But instead of fixing it or making a T2 better general play combat cruiser they put out Logis and a Battlecruiser, go figure … Things will also largely depend on its slot layout. If it will have enough slots it may also end up being OK.

The trig Logis are gimmicky cause of the spool up, they won’t be used for fast response and will end up specialized roles within fleet only. So more fleet crap where the game needs more general use ships.

The destroyer may actually end up being OP, but we’ll see, it will depend a lot on how much PG and cap they give it as well as its sig and movement. The Vedmak has a base sig of only 110 which is super low for a cruiser along with 300 base movement so its fast. If the destroyers will end up with lower sig and faster movement then otehr destroyers they may indeed end up being good, since there is not much room to fit tank on destroyers anyways so if you do tank its usually sig / speed tanking and the Trig ones will most likely excel at that.

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I just observed an interesting variance from the other Trig vessels. The BC has a very apparent docking bay or more likely a drone bay. This aspect of the ships wasn’t discussed in Vegas, but maybe its possible the BC will have increased drone capacity compared to the other Trig vessels.

That is a good question. Vedmak can have a full flight of 5 mediums out while Leshak 4 heavies, Battlecruiser should be somewhere inbetween, but where would that end up being ? Also, jumping from 5% to 10% on the gun damage is actually quite a bit. If this BC ends up with some drone bonus or something like that then it might end up being like a 1300-1500 DPS ship. Not sure if that is not OP for a BC.