Is this game literally designed to screw you out of resources?

been running Tranquil abyssals, just for the daily missions, but ran into a little snag. somehow, i can do dozens and dozens of them with sub 5 minute times… then the skybreaker disparu shows up. it heals faster than i can do damage, and i time out, lose my ship and all the loot i have accumulated. i’m told this is a mechanic of the game by ‘customer support’, and i put that in quotes, because they are anything but supportive. is there no balance to abyssals whatsoever? ok, i won’t do them anymore. it’s too bad, because literally all 3 of my daily missions are abyssal in nature nearly every day. but hey, all i get are worthless Evermarks anyway, so no big loss. it’s like this game is designed to just screw you out of resources at every possible opportunity. why should i keep playing if you guys put mechanics in the game designed to drain my resources with unbalanced game mechanics? why would i ever spend any more money, when i know i’m just gonna get screwed over again?


Are you taking all of the loot from the previous runs in to your next one? If that is the case, don’t do that.


Nobody forced you to do Abyssals if you can‘t handle it, and as you said EverMarks are worthless … lol.


The Disparu is a DPS check and if you are timing out against it, you do not have enough DPS. Add more DPS by upgrading your modules, skills, or ship.

Overheating might help you break its tank. Are you doing that? If you can’t overheat your modules train Thermodynamics.


so i should waste more of my time flying back and forth to a station… so my time isn’t wortth anything either i guess. more reason to not bother with this game at all


Can I have your stuff?


The fact that literally thousands of people have managed to overcome the Tranuquil Abssals even with this evil NPC in them proves that there isn’t a disbalance at all. There is just a personal skill issue sitting in front of your screen.


The house always wins. :wink:


Easy buddy, take some deep breaths. What fit are you using? We can sort this out.

You got DPS checked and you didnt have enough. Abyssals arent exactly subtle about the consequences for failure, it literally lets you know every single time you activate a filament. You can get angry but hey, this is the game working as intended and it is not a prohibitively difficult challenge to overcome so instead of throwing a fit why dont you show us your fit and we’ll solve the problem for ya.


Golly gosh this is like the fiftieth whine post about failing in the Abyss. 48 in the thread about the Sisi shutdown, the guy who got his own thread locked, now this crier.


Yes, let’s deescalate this, lads. There is a learning moment here.

OP. In high level abyssals. (t4,t5,t6) often people get items worth 100mil+ so YES it is wise to take a short stop and drop off the loot. It should not be viewed as a waste of time.

I am happy you are doing this in low level abyssals where your ship is not that expensive. There is alot of YT/Google on how to run Abyssal sites well. People make ALOT of money from them but require good skills and piloting.

Take this moment to learn, calm down, and research what you can do differently. Doing t6 abyssals is a good career if you are willing to handle the insane stress. I personally do t4s myself and it’s pretty ok ISK wise.

Hope you read this and have not raged and left.


Yes, they want you to lose your ship. It’s up to you to figure out how to prevent that.

Also, securing your loot is never a waste of time.


Be happy that CCP goes soft on you and your crappy Abyssals. Originally, they were introduced as massive resource sink and compensate that with big rewards, but CCP backpaddled and didn’t follow through with the resource sink idea nearly as strongly as originally intended.

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It’s a slot machine. Learn to enjoy losing.

I mean after 3 runs take it back to a station and if you lose it that way its on you

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How were you “screwed over” exactly?

Were you screwed over by the fact that you lost? Is that not supposed to happen ever?

Or were you screwed over by the fact that your loss cost you a lot of loot that it didn’t need to cost you? Because that was obviously a self-inflicted injury.

Just not seeing how anything unfair happened to you in this case.


So… you died and the first thought on your mind was “this is BS, lemme have a GM give me back my ship”.

Explain why anyone should listen to what you have to say or help you in anyway.


treat ships like ammo


I tried abyssals and had trouble with them. I tried them again months later, but this time did the research you need to do regarding how to handle the various enemies you encounter. Worked my way up to being able to do T5s. There is no reason you can’t do it too.