Please fix the imbalance mechanics

Good afternoon.
I live in a null sec system, as part of a corporation.
I’ve been making Abysses, t5 electrics. Naturally on a safe spot.
Upon exiting the abyss, players from another corporation were waiting for me.
Even though we have a lot of security measures in our system (voice communication, all in the same fleet, we have a high online, and everyone helps each other, there is always a senior officer online, chat tracking players in neighbouring systems) - I was killed. Despite the help of allies who immediately came to the rescue.

I have a question - why make initially disballance mechanics ?

I enter Abyss on 1 ship in PvE fit, and on can wait 10-15 ships in PvP fit.
I’m an easy mark for them. No options.

Question - how can I survive in this situation and not lose a ship? If even the help of the allied fleet does not always save???

How such situations from the point of view of the developers should develop??? Or is it normal that I have no options should be killed???
Please answer, bring me exactly the position of the developers.
Depending on this I will make a decision to stay in this game or not.

Because normal farming with these mechanics - not possible. And without a decent source of income - and PVP content is unavailable.
I have invested a lot of money in the game, and I want to know the answer.

Gila for 2,4kkk claims lived less than 1 week, and barely paid for itself… I followed all known safety precautions…
I ended up at 0… Why did I spend all this time???
How and through what to develop in the game, if PvE content, earning on PvE is so dangerous???
Why should I buy warships, even inexpensive ones, for battles, etc.? ??? Why should I buy Gila and modules again ??? And why??? To get me killed again???
Why the exit from Abyss can be scanned at all???
Why are there mechanics like this???

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This mechanic of probable beacons is by design, to ensure that farming Abyssals instances is not a risk free thing. That’s balance. How to avoid in null? Have a faster/better/bigger standing fleet to rescue you? Did they have reps for you, were they on grid before you left the Abyss? You are not supposed to keep what you can’t defend.

How to do dangerous content in general? Learn how to evade / outplay hunters, and fit economical, factor in occasional losses in your income/expense stream. In this course the most bling/expensive ship may not be the best choice for the job.


Maybe get one of your mates to scout the abyssal trace for you when you’re ~5min from finishing? That way the response fleet can be engaging hostiles and ideally driving them off before you exit?
The problem here isn’t one of the game mechanics making. It’s entirely due to your own lack of foresight and planning.
Did you even ask if there were hostiles in local before you finished the run?
Abyssal running is already ridiculously safe by eve standards.


There is no imbalance here. You were successfully ambushed by a larger group of other players. They found your signature and that was that.

You were in nullsec, you are never ever safe there unless you are docked in a station.

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Simple fix: Get better save spots. This mechanic that you can be killed at your beacon is wholly intentional and absolutely necessary. You should be glad that you are allowed to farm in a completely untouchable PVE instance anyway. That is already a massive perversion of basic EVE gameplay principles. Ship destruction is also a completely normal and to be expected thing in EVE. That’s what makes the game’s economy function in the first place.

Thank you, though, for providing an example for why PVE instances are a horrible idea in EVE.

thats NOT the question !
The Question is, why are you blind or stupid ?
i´m sure there is a saftey warning for activating a filament and you decide to ignore it !
Why do you blame CCP for YOUR own fault ? oO

Hello @Raul_Ernandez, welcome to Eve.

Sorry to hear you had bad luck with Abyssal content. Hopefully you can view it as a learning experience.

My advice is to not run Abyssal content. The game mechanics for it are unbalanced and heavily skewed for risk.

CCP designed that content strictly for grief play, meaning PvE player goes in, has limited time to do all the hard work and collect up all the loot, then must blindly exit where lazy griefers are waiting to get a big payday.

Personally I would just do regular exploration sites where you can keep an eye on Local, Dscan your grid area and when needed, warp to safespots.

Anyway, I hope you continue playing Eve, may you have a successful career here in New Eden.

  1. link your loss
  2. how did they find you ? Its not common for roaming fleets to bring a combat launcher.

you can find his loss easy by yourself

maybe its not common, but sometimes it happen. maybe they came out of a WH and could easy bring a combat prober ? maybe THIS is nos the “problem” ?

if you do it on a safe spot then nobody can help you ! if you do it on your own stations, yes then nobody needs a combat prober but nullsec grindlords dont know the existance of combat probes so they normaly dont have some to rescoue a single overpriced gila

No I can’t. I surely can’t search it as easily as you can.

Maybe this is. Actually this very likely is.
When you roam, how often do you have a combat scanner ? When do you take one ? How much of time did they have to reach YOUR system, scan YOU without a fear of being destroyed ?
I find it very strange that they went straight to your system with surrounding intel and landed on your sig before you could leave your instance.

Of course if you don’t have intel network, forget about that.

Yeah you could have dug this up no problem. Just as easily as anybody else who has a browser open but here, let me save you all that exhausting trouble.

Yeah I could.
But he SHOULD have provided it.
So looking at his kill, it seems at least this guy Swiezaq | Losses | Character | zKillboard usually fly a T3C with a combat launcher.

In my case: pretty much 100% of the time. And if it’s not scouting for me, it’s never more than a handful of jumps away.

I get a lot of initial tackles on shiny things that think they’re safe thanks to my Buzzard alt.

Wormholer BTW…

Do abyssals in HS space on a HS alt? Or jump clone for 1-2 days. Eather or. Rotate your content is my suggestion. Not everything should be done in 1 area of space.

Find the right HS spot and you will never be bothered.

then you´re not worth to discuss with because you dont know enough to talk with me

no need for this, i´m not 100% sure but i think they life in a WH with static Nullsec because they kill every day such unawared ppl like the op in every nullsec area.

why is this important ? WH guys have always a scanning alt and if they are scanning elsewhere then they just need a few jumps to bring it. so thats why doing filaments on a safe spot where only he has the spot is a very stupid idea.

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