Abyssal DED resp rework

Greetings to all.

In my opinion, in the abyss there is an inadequately strong NPC respawn.
What is the essence of the problem?
Marshal Disparu Troop, these NPCs have somewhere around 420 DPS, while inflicting it for 70 kilometers with high efficiency.
And they can be equipped with either stasis or a neutrolyzer for 17 capacitor / sec.

Let’s see the problem with an example:

Abyss T3 fire, HAC is equipped with a profile resist and has more than 60% to all types of damage (including effects), Medium Abyssal Armor Repairer created from T2 give + 15% of the initial, Standard Exile Booster *.
All skills are 5.
There are no implants for protection.

Immediately turned on the overcharge of everything.

I was destroyed 39 seconds after entering the room.
Started moving in an arc to minimize damage.
I went into orbit at 20.
In the respawn there were 2 neutralizing Marshal, 1 cruiser edencom and 3 frigates.

I have a question for CCP.
Abyss T3 should not be high-end content, why are there such requirements for the parameters of ships for passing?

This respawn has over 900 dps and 34 netralization at any adequate combat distance.

In T6, such rooms can have 2500 dps and 80 neutralization, but this is a separate topic for discussion :frowning:

To complete such respawns, you need to use very expensive feats and sets of implants.

I understand that many “automated” pilots have passed T3 on Gila, but why make such conditions that it is impossible to pass on a ship for more than 1 billion, even with the correct piloting?
Separately, it should be said about the reward for T3 idleness 10m …

Therefore, I propose to change the mechanics of this respawn from “have protection of 1000+ dps or die” to “with manual piloting, 200 will be enough”

Marshal Disparu Troop now has 400 dps and cannot be avoided.

You can change the set of weapons, give instead of rapid launchers, em/exp torpedoes and therm/kinet railguns.
Torpedoes have a distance of 12 km, and railguns have a distance of 80 km.
Give torpedoes a high flight speed and inflicting damage, turrets tracking so that the ship starts taking damage, provided that it moves at a speed of less than 800 at a distance of more than 25 km.
DPS torpedoes 250 (750/3) and railguns 350 (1750/5) each.
Electronic warfare equipment: grids at 10500 m 70%, neutralizers unchanged.
Delay BS attack after the ship appears in the room for 25 seconds. (so that AB fit can have time to enter orbit)
The escorting frigates have high aggression towards drones.
BS strive to stand at a distance of km from the pilot.
Reduce BS survivability by 50%.
BS number:
T1 - 1
T2 - 1 + escort (no more than 2 frigates, no cruisers)
T3 - 2 + escort (no more than 3 frigates, no more than 1 cruiser)
Т4 - 2 + escort (no more than 4 frigates, no more than 2 cruisers)
T5 - 3 + escort (no more than 5 frigates, no more than 3 cruisers)
Т6 - 4 + escort (no more than 7 frigates, no more than 4 cruisers)

What is the essence of the tactics of passing:
After appearing in the room, we fly at maximum speed along an arc to the BS, destroy the frigates with nets, keep an orbit of 13-24 km and destroy the BS (you need to pilot it manually so as not to go beyond the radius of the dead zone of the guns and not get under the net). It is not difficult to understand that with a piloting error, you can get 600 dps from one BS.

What is the difference from the existing tactics of passing?
You have the choice of either manually piloting the ship and avoiding damage, or trying to take the damage.
For Gila, who can drop drones and go to collect loot, BS fire synchronously and you can get some crushing shots :slight_smile:

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Ok. Nerfing the Gila

This room is overtuned. And gila’s need their dps reduced by 10%, that will effectively limit them to max t4.

That would severely hinder their usefulness in fleet PVP scenarios. They already lost half of their drone hp bonuses.

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