T0 Abyss - How to beat Skybreaker Disparu Troop

0/ - Hello.

A little story about T0 Abyss

I created a new character in the game, leveled him up a bit (about 2 million skillpoints - missles 3 lvl skills), and decided to do daily tasks to get skillpoints. Understanding the initial level of pumping the character, accordingly chose the level of the abyss - T0. After several dozen successful attempts, in which I quickly and easily destroyed enemies, I met an incomprehensible “guest”.

It’s him -“Skybreaker Disparu Troop”

I have 100 dps, but this is not enough. This turned out to be not enough to penetrate at least 20% of the enemy shield, and for 10 minutes, unable to do anything, I was destroyed by the mob. Well, 100 dps, which was sufficient for 100% before, was not enough even to break through 20% of the mob’s shield and it surprised me a little, how this is possible :slight_smile:

All rooms are easy and fast with no chance of losing, but this room is like from level 3, I meet such friends often at level 3. Maybe I’m wrong and this was intended by the developers of the game, but it made me suspect that something was wrong.

Can someone tell me what level of pumping is needed to pass T0 and how much dps is needed to pass the initial level with a frigate, if 100 dps is not just enough, but not enough to even scratch a mob. It is surprising that all the rooms before this were the same, there were both more difficult and simpler, but this one seems to be much more difficult. 2 hours into the game everything was fine until this episode.

I wish everyone a good game, maybe someone has already faced such a situation and can share their experience, good luck

What you just observed is present in all abyss sites.

There will be “karen” rooms that are quite hard and have a high chance of death if your ship is not ready. All I can say is get more DPS. The end game for abyssals is a high-end Gila or heavy assault cruiser with a full implant set.

I do t4 abyssals and my gila can handle these “karen” rooms. Like not afking these rooms it actually requires good target management and piloting to not stay still.

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Thank you very much for the feedback.

I also play cerberus and I know there are some very difficult rooms, but they are all very similar and the difficulty is well balanced.

Here the question arose in the fact that if you entered T4 Abyss on your Gila, and you would be thrown to T6 and you would have no chance to pass it, therefore there would be no point in playing :slight_smile:

As a result of such a big change in difficulty, it begs the question, why did I meet it 2 times in t0?

If it was level t1-t2-t3-t4… then everything would really be clear, but it occurs in T0.

I played for 2-3 hours and everything was too easy, and some rooms required skill, but there was nothing you could do in this situation.

That is, you have a 0% chance, just a mob with a 100% shield.

That’s why I’m interested in the developers, I already contacted the support center, wrote on the forum, even in the game I submitted a request as a possible bug.

When newbies start playing, it’s very important to enjoy the game, and here it turns out that at the beginning of the game people encounter this situation, and this situation no longer occurs in the next more difficult levels

I think you misunderstood something there. “Karen rooms” in terms of abyssals is the nickname for “Karybdis Tyrannos” rooms. Theye can be quite difficult if you get webbed/painted in the higher Tiers and Mr. Karybdos hits quite hard. Penetrating and Wrecking hits can break even pretty hard tanks.

Rooms that hit exactly into a weak spot of your fitting, so you can’t really beat them, are simply called “death rooms”.

@Saint_Dj Abyssals teach you to use a well-rounded fit that and handle many different situations and techniques to counter those rooms that are aiming at your fits weak spots (Target Priority, Ammo, Distance, Vector etc…). So yes, it is intentional that even in T0 there are enemies that cannot be beaten by every fit. To give you helpful advice, it would help to know what fit you are currently using that is unable to deal with the Skybreaker Disparu Troop.


Thanks for the help.

The laugh is that this room doesn’t teach anything, it’s impossible to pass, other rooms are passable with 50 dps 100% of the time.

I found this mob in t2-t3-t4… and I just wipe it with cerberus with 500-850 dps.

Here is joy in the T0 abyss, for beginners :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get my character to lvl 5 missiles and frigates and try to find this mob again and get new data, but for now, lvl 3 skills are not enough to pass this room.

It’s him, bad boy -“Skybreaker Disparu Troop”

Sorry, I think you got that wrong. It is teaching you something. You are refusing to learn. Thats two different things.
It teaches you that 100 DPS (with your way of applyingt it) are simply not enough to progress and that you should change your fit to one that can hit harder.

And you can hit harder by a) doing more raw dps, b) using his resistance profile against him, c) chosing an abyssal filament that supports your main damage type by lowering that resistance d) by using tactical overheat or e) having ready booster drugs for certain situations, f) use flight maneuvers or modules or drugs to increase your application on the target.

So, if your ship can handle 99% of all other rooms with ease but not that one, its not very well-built, because it is obviously way too strong for the other rooms but too weak for this one.

I really would like ot help you out, but it somehow reads like you don’t want help but confirmation that there is no fault on your side and its the developers that have made the mistakes here. Telling us what ship with what fit you use, would be a starting point.

A 1-day old character can pass this room. I have done it on several alts for the daily quests when they still offered mainly XP.


Yah from what I hear it requires really really good piloting, best abyssal drones, and lv 5 skills. It’s why I am content with t4 atm :laughing: But again… Piloting is a major key point here. Killing the right targets, killing things FAST, what is your angle in relation to these NPCs. (You can exploit tracking for example)

There are people who know how to do t6. They are very very rich. But comes with immense pressure/risk. Like anything in EVE online.

Sadly test server is down so I can’t recommend to go and experiment with fits/harder tiers.

Yah that was my interpterion. Thanks for clearing that up!

The Abyss is structured such that in general, any one fit, even a quite good one, will sometimes encounter rooms it can’t handle. That appears to be by design.

That said, at 100 DPS it sounds like your build could use some improvements. Saying “this room is impossible” actually only means it’s currently impossible for you, with your specific build, skills and piloting.

You might try using this website and filtering for various ship/tier combinations to get some ideas on how to improve your build:

Hope that helps and good luck with it!


You are likely doing gammas, which buff its tank by a lot. I killed it with a punisher and 94dps in a firestorm easily with 750k sp pilot


firestorm is the best filament to kill the skybreaker. If you use a weapon with thermal damage (navy Hobgoblin for droneboat, Inferno for Missilie boats) its 44% thermal shield resist will be significantly lowered in firestorm, and its armor is too low to profit much from the firestorm armor bonus. If you go into t0 abyss with a t1 destroyer, firestrom is your best starting point.

The 100 dps is too low for a frigate. You must fit into 125 dps, but 150 dps is an optimal way to go. It also depends on damage application, range and type of your weapons and abyss type.

Hello, I took my older character!!!
I took on this mob my Hawk with a dps of 195 on it.

I smeared it into s_h_i_t, it’s not even interesting, a firestorm passed - it’s the easiest.

Also hit him in the Gamma with no problem. All skills into - 4, caldary frigate - 5lvl Carl, it’s really very easy. I don’t understand, why very easy on assault drigate with 195 dps and why is it not possible to 100% with 100 dps with skills 3 lvl?

Such a small difference in damage it would seem.

I was expecting a fight and was already ready to lose, but it was a beating of a small dwarf, completely uninteresting, just like I couldn’t won on secondary character before that…

I collected the statistics, shared them, I hope it will help someone, thank you all, I wish you only victories and enjoyment in the game, good luck to you!!!

P.S. On my secondary character I couldn’t knock down 10-20% shield, this mob always regenerated to 100% and always have 90-100% shield, uhhhh …

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