Looking for DED Complex DPS numbers

Eve used to have a wiki that told you how much DPS each room had of a specific DED complex , was there ever a replacement for that? I can’t seem to find anything.


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I used Evelopedia a lot, especially for Exploration sites and I don’t remember seeing amount of DPS per room of DED Complexes.

This information would not help you at all and is as useful as missile dps, which is also misleading.

First you are moving around which mitigates most of the damage anyways and in some DED, you will be too far away to be in harms ways.
Best example(s) are the Serpentis 10/10 where you have to shoot a tower which has a 1000dps tank but I do it in a 500dps Myrmidon and the tower is shooting citadel torpedoes at you.

Or the drone 10/10 where you gotta get right up on that ■■■■ to apply the best DPS. Speaking of, anyone know of a decent after-patch tengu fit for the guristas 10/10?

Which patch? The tengu hasn’t changed in a while now and there are threads about the tengu which you can search for.
It may come as a surprise but the search function works.

Probably talking about the T3 Sub-system change.

Speaking of changes, I’m not a happy camper having to refit my Jag from a gun boat for running low level exploration sites. Tried to get light missiles launchers with shield boost tank, just wouldn’t fit due to lack of CPU. Went with Rockets and Extender tank. Hope it works.

I was hoping you’d respond :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah I guess you’re right… What kind of resources should I use to prep myself for a 10/10 DED site? I want to try 10/10 angel sites in a Loki and have a fit I’ve been using for 8/10’s, but I can’t find any info on how much tank I’d need. Last thing I’d want is to get warp disrupted in the last and melt.

Also would you care to share your myrm fit? Is it still viable? Sounds really interesting.

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I was flying said Myrmidon last year, so it is very viable still. You may have noticed that you get warp disrupted in the last room of the 8/10, so expect a similar thread level in the 10/10.

I am not going to share the Myrmidon fit but you can reproduce it very easy. If you want to be extra cautious, you need to bring a mobile depot for on-grid refitting the hardeners for drone damage amplifiers.

Not very much at the range you want to operate at.

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With the serpentis 10/10, unless it’s changed a LOT since I’ve been in fountain, if you can get ~52km away from it, you can drop sentries and plug away at it until it’s dead with impunity. Dont believe it shoots back or reps as much. It’s been a long while though.

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