CCP rise - we could balance abyssal mods by adjusting stats on base modules

(krakpipe) #1

At the 20.30 mark, Rise states that if a 20% increase in MWD speed is too “egregoius” they could just adjust the stats on the base module from 500% speed increase down to 450% to balance it.

The abyssal mods themselves did have they potential to be game breaking (I was trying to keep an open mind based on their hopeful rarity), but if they start wrecking balance on ordinary modules to keep abyssal mods “under control” they have literally gone mental.

What balance we do have will be screwed and if mods are nerfed on the basis of the high end stats of abyssal mods, they will become garbage and abyssal mods will be the new normal.

Get ready to grind or open your wallets people, EA have spoken.

(Arthur Aihaken) #2

Yeah, and when this reaches Reddit just wait for the sh*t to hit the fan. Who’s got a sale on pitchforks?

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #3

Yea, and I’ve already reached my limit for reddit whining about this feature. Probably best to stay away for a few days.

(Salvos Rhoska) #4

Pretty concerning to hear that even remotely being an option for a Dev to consider…

Plasmutid Teiricide.

Stock up on T2 modules you need before the new profession of “Plasmutators™” suck the market dry.

(Renji Fuji) #5

That ship has long since sailed my friend.

(Tipa Riot) #6

This is what he essentially stated, also with good rolls not being super rare but affordable, and his thoughts about fleet doctrines.

So in a world of abyssal mods being the standard it makes perfectly sense to adjust the input items for the slot machine to balance the rest.

(krakpipe) #7

So essentially we will have grind/pay/plex/steal/whatever more and for longer just to get what we have now.


(Tipa Riot) #8

The consequences are huge to the game … higher priced faction/deadspace/officer modules will become worthless. There will be an optimal input item, maybe T2 or one of the specialist metas, making that spike in demand. PvE will be centered around grinding abyssal pockets. A lot of addicts will gamble in Jita all day long, as there is no entry barrier for the new slot machine except money. A lot of hand-crafted OP fits in small-scale PvP, forcing everybody to do the same, because it’s affordable.

(Arthur Aihaken) #9

Maybe this while thing is designed as a giant FU nerf to null-sec. This is, after all, where the vast majority of Deadspace and Officer modules are farmed.

(Salvos Rhoska) #10

Plasmutids are a stupid idea.

We were doing just fine without it.

EVE was finally recovering from tiericide.

Now its all going to go to hell again just so Player NS can sink their T2 mats/modules into “super modules” while the price of T2 stuff goes through the roof.

Its win/win for them.

I strongly recommend CCP changes Plasmutids into a consumable with an effect on overheating of a module.

Ie: A temporary boost that consumes Plasmutids per cycle on the module, that extends overheating.

This will impact PvP, but less of the rest of the game, especially its econony.

(Tipa Riot) #11

It will just shift, people stop farming DED sites and escalations, but T4 PvE instances in future. A lot of previously diverse and useful gameplay will be scrapped, and replaced by a uniform riskless grind + slot machine requiring no skills.

(Salvos Rhoska) #12

Plasmutid modified modules stand to kill the DED module market.

Depends on the cost/availability of plasmutids, the rng of a desired mutation.

But Player NS already is the source of T2 mats/modules and best officer/DED mods, which they can transmute, leading invariably to them being the source of those, as well as getting rich off higher T2 prices as they are sunk for mutation.

IE: Plasmutated modules will supplant/depricate DED module value on the market.

(Nana Skalski) #13

Yes, it looks like they stopped cariing about balance long ago, they did stop rebalancing modules and probably with intend to make this RNG stuff that is going to replace previously seen ISK/h balance with a luck/ISK stuff, and in future plasmutagens for PLEX.

EAification by Sean Decker.

(Salvos Rhoska) #14

This is also why the pockets must NOT be NS exclusive, or have higher reward there.

Otherwise NS will dominate the market not just of T2 as they do now, but also plasmutid, modified modules and the Trig BPs.

There might even be Sleeper loot/salvage in the pockets, as another kick to WH economy in the balls, in Player NS favor.

This is a huge, multi-pronged Player NS power-play happening here.

It must not be allowed to become real.

(Jeremiah Saken) #15

It would be nail to the coffin for this game.

(The Dunning Kruger) #16

You’re 5 years too late with that one. I’ve got to admit that it’s somehow funny that people suddenly have their doomsday moment about things others have told them about for years.

It’s the same with Facebook right now. It really wasn’t a secret what they’re doing and how far-reaching and invasive it is, but people all just disregarded it as “conspiracy theories” and now they’re screaming that the sky’s falling down on our heads.

EVE’s been dead for a couple years now. It’s just a rotting corpse on life support that’s left.

(Crash 888) #17

“3’s and down won’t give you a suspect flag”

Well that settles that

(pris Naari) #18

Brilliant method of “balance” -CCP.

nerf everything so that your ship will be useless unless all your mods are mutated. forcing people into a grind and making previous content obsolete.

typical half-@$$'d thinking from management and devs.

(krakpipe) #19

Heh, better late than never ? True though, I was really trying to keep an open mind about this even arguing against some naysayers in another thread on the basis that these would be rare (a point that many people seem to be using to “ok” this idea). But as we heard from Rise himself, mutaplasmids and good rolls are to become common enough to be affordable for most players.

(krakpipe) #20

I’ve just heard (while re-listening) Rise discussing his confusion over the push back against RNG stats while the game already has examples of randomness. He then goes on to try to draw a comparison between stargates spitting us out in random positions around the exit point.

Wat ?

There’s literally no comparison unless you could pay isk and make the jump again when you don’t like the position you end up in. This lack of nuanced thought is pretty disturbing from a dev.