Rolling ships, when?

I have ships that need to be rolled. Anyone have a sense of if/when we will be able to do this?

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Can you define “rolled” please?


I’m not sure what you mean? Are you asking if or when there will be ship mutaplasmids? If so, I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon. We only just got a teaser at the last fan event, and, then during the AMA, they said something along the lines that it was more an idea they were toying with than something they were actively developing.


Mutaplasmids to alter ship attributes.

Never, Abyss was a mistake, the devs know it, at worst it is another abandoned system, at best they will remove it.


I don’t know if the Abyss as a whole was a bad system. I’d call it neutral.
Mutaplasmid though, they are an atrocious system that copies WOW and the gear treadmill.

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Strictly speaking, they are a direct copy of Elite Dangerous’ Engineers system which was released several months prior to the Abyssal stuff

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Mutaplasmids are wonderful.

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Mutaplasmids should cause the ship to be perma-suspect.

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Roll D6:
1 Break apart at high warp
2 Warp you to centre of nearest Conduit
3 Create a beacon on the ship
4 Turn insideout when entering W-Space
5 Glow an unbearable infradead or ultraviolent
6 Work


That’s a rookie dice.

Rolling D20 will give many more interesting outcomes.

D20 is a hipster dice

Cut the difference, D12?


Only if you want to summon Eminem as an option :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ew maybe not

Ok D100, last offer

I can live with that, even numbers over 50 have a 50% chance of teleporting you to an active bubble somewhere upon undocking.

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d666 allows for 216 possibilities.

Yeah but Satan and all

He’s a sore loser, but makes a mean Mohito

Eminem could replace Aura

I accept this condition.