Miner Mutaplasmids

I think it would be great if there was mutaplasmids for mining modules. Decayed, Gravid and Unstable.

Anyone have an idea what the ranges would be and what characteristics would be affected?

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I love it!

  • Since resource scarcity is coming to an end, increased yields shouldn’t cause any economic problems.
  • Throws miners a bone after a long period of austerity.
  • Increases the value of using barges and exhumers (instead of mining from boosting ships).
  • And, it increases the chances that I’ll pull good loot of mining barges.

+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
No P2W


I mean im not against it.

Would rather they be put on things like upgrades rather than the lasers. But at the very least not onto both.

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Multiplasmids are pretty crappy and i very much doubt they did their job as they were sold. They were supposed to be balanced such that the chances were they got worse more often than they got better, but instead they are generally balanced to increase in power at the expense of fitting/activation cost.

I expect the same crappyness from mining multi-plasmids. More power for increased fitting/activation cost.

So please no.

What about incoming mining ships rebalance?

Let’s what what CCP will break this time before adding more mess.

Scarcity started because there was to much yield in player hands. Just because CCP drained some stockpiles. It don’t mean we just can go and repeat same mistake again.

Want more isk for miners? Increase destruction.

Sure, why not. It will just make your completely untanked, AFK barge even more of a juicy gank magnet…

Allow me to rephrase:

Since resource scarcity is ending, there is now room for increasing yields. Naturally, of course, I am advocating for a move towards reasonable yields, and not for a return to unreasonably high yields that would cause economic issues.

Make it so that miner mutaplasmids are “soulbound” items, meaning each and every miner character have to work to acquire them themselves running high-tier abyssal sites with their mining character. :wink:


1000% this.

The mineral market is driven by demand for finished products, and the more finished products are lost through combat, the more demand for minerals (and potential profit for mining them) there is.

Miners should frickin’ love any change that increases combat losses (except maybe their own).

most of my isk comes from ammo so can we actually get one that buffs tank? maybe put resists back up to where they used to be?

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