"Into The Abyss" available on Singularity


(Saeka Tyr) #21

could we get blueprints for PI command centers? they are horrible to haul from empire.

(Petrified) #22

I use PI quite a bit so will be testing this out. Thank you all.

That said: I like the more detailed information on the Planetary Production Window and provides a very nice at a glance view of what is being produced on the planet, but it would be nice to also have a compact mode available for when we are undocked and moving from Moon to moon.

The larger Planetary Production window: great in station or at a cloaked safe when working on PI overall.
The original Planetary Production window: great for warping to and takes up less screen space.

Please give us the option to switch between the two.

(HiddenPorpoise) #23

The ESS don’t have an info page in this build and the extraction total doesn’t have enough space so it sometimes spills over if you pull over a million in a cycle.

(Songbird) #24

I’m sure it’s all available, but people woldn’t test PI for them if triglavian space was up, so they shut it down temporarily. So y’all start testing and test good, or else.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #25

yeah just what we need bulkheads that give 50% more HP…

(Neugeniko) #26

Are event sites up on SISI?

(elitatwo) #27

The event sites yes but you need to probe them. The Trig pockets are not on yet.

Arthur, you can find the new desintegrator ammo in the standard laser crystal ammo and the desintegrator “heatsinks” in weapon upgrades in the market.

If you write the ship name in a (any) chat channel and right-click them, you can link them to itemtype and it gives you a database entry to look at, like the information you get on regular items.
You can simulate the ships on the fitting screen already and the medium and large desintegrator takes too much powergrid.

(Neugeniko) #28

Are the event sites, exploration combat sites? I’m having no luck on sisi finding them.

(elitatwo) #29

Yes, they register as combat site.

(Mr Legacy) #30

Awesome. I’m definitely trying to get more info on mutaplasmids and modules enhancing but it is extrememly limited right now. I’m trying to find what modules can be enhanced. Can any module be changed? Guess I will wait a little while and find out soon enough.

(Juzee) #31

Hi there,

Check this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8elfm1/sisi_all_mutagen_modifiers_currently_on_sisi/
And you can see screenshots of them here: https://imgur.com/a/oDJri6p


(Songbird) #32

wow these ships seem to have a lousy DPS

(elitatwo) #33

WOW those ships do not even have bonuses yet.

(Suitonia) #34

Bare in mind the following;

The Disintergrator DPS number showed in the tooltip is at base damage and not taking into account the +50% DPS at max charge
The Turret bonus of +25% damage is not factored in because it’s at level 0 for your character on SISI
The Turret Spec bonus of +10% damage for T2 Turrets is not factored in.
The Frigate and Cruiser have +25% damage from bonuses not factored in
The Battleship has has +25% damage from damage bonus, and +33.3% damage from rate of fire damage bonus not factored in.

(Arthur Aihaken) #35

Any chance that when you guys deploy the trig ships, weapons and modules you could also give us like 10m skillpoints on Sisi so we could inject all the new Trig skills, max them out and give all the ships a full test?

(Circumstantial Evidence) #36

It’s also useful to uncover if CCP Round() enables an unexpected behavior, at lower skills and power levels.

Triglavian Ships, Modules, Ammo and Skills available on Singularity
(EnderDragon) #37

So… Lots of improvements to how to build new planets and modify how a planet is organized. However this is maybe 5% of the total clicking that makes PI happen. Most people get a good setup in place and simply refresh extractors and launch to space. These steps make up maybe 95% of the effort in PI and have received not 1 reduction in clicks. Still have to double click planet > double click extractor > click install > double click next extractor > click install > click submit. Do that every day for years with 60 planets and you’ll feel my feels too. I want a “refresh extractors” button that I dont even need to visit the planet for. To me this just feels like “lets make it annoying so that it drives people away from doing it” which is just bad gameplay planning. I sincerely appreciate the love and attention PI is getting but I cant help but think that it’s the only time that PI will get a QoL pass and its done very little to help us. Isnt PI in EVE about the planning and hard work that goes into developing a good business model amid a highly complex sandbox? Whats with the stress on making/keeping it unnecessarily annoying…

(elitatwo) #38

See, you get it. I have no problem putting the precursor skills in my que and wait. Cheat stix are bad for EVE.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #39

cheat stix, not even once

(Smuff Gallente) #40

today is day number 2