CCP Coyote on Invasions - We aren't removing Highsec

No, CCP Coyote is right, they are not removing Hi-Sec, rather they are going to chop it into little pieces which will force everyone into Low and Nul-Sec if they want to leave the system they live in.

New players will be able to start on their little island and then they will have to adjust to low and nil-sec to go anywhere.

Welcome to the Balkanization of Eve - Jita, Rens, Amaar, etc. will be little hubs, and the true power of the game will shift to Mittens and his Goons - welcome to Nul-Eve.


LOL. It seems like you might have missed a bit of history. Who do you think supplies the trade hubs right now? Highsec miners?

The problem I have with the whole Trig event is that it is such narrow gameplay. Group anomaly grind.

Imagine you would obtain everything to build ships just by farming anomalies. If you salvaged also, then get to build T2.

It kind of describes faction ships and DED mechanics, but there is still variety in that. Different difficulty 1-10/10. You can mix modules. There are several sources for stuff beside sites, like LP store.

Trig ship can only fit trig gun, and only trig gun upgrade. And you get it all - bpcs, mats and parts just by grinding their sites. Which are essentially the same site scaled up (except xordazh).

If there were data/relics, structure bash sites, mining (not some generic OP ore which replaces all other ores, but specific ore for some specific purpose). Soloable sites, where roaming patrols couldn’t just come and say F* you solo player.


And, my favorite… we now have the ability to have NPCs deploying and destroying persistent, non-player-related structures.

Nobody caught that, huh?


Well, for one thing, you all engaged with it waaaay more than expected! Seeing the 80+ person fleets running content faster than it was spawning, and seemingly not caring that the rewards weren’t giving you anything for being over the pilot limit

The RP element has been far more front and center than I’d anticipated, too.

Dont they do it to screw with highseccers and impose their playstyle?

If I could return the favor and bribe some faction police or lure in drifters to permanently take over some sov system and turn it npc null or low/high island I would, that would be enough a reward.


How that would be a joke is lost on me. I’m sorry my actions ruined your game, but eh, I’m actually glad you’re throwing such a fit over a minor inconvenience.

I don’t know where all they advertised this, but I suspect that they didn’t advertise it outside of the discords at all. Which seems wrong to me. There are corps that run invasion content on their own (separate from the TTI and EDI communities), and there are plenty of other players being affected.

Of course, if they had advertised it far and wide, there’s the possibility it would have been overrun by angry players looking to complain. So, IDK.

CCP: Implements Eve mechanism to permanently and irrevocably remove highsec systems.
Also CCP: “We are not removing highsec.”

CCP thinks their customers are REALLY stupid. It’s quite insulting. It takes some big stones to lie that boldly to the people that are your source of income.

I personally hate a lot of what CCP has been doing recently. This is just one of many reasons why I am less and less happy with Eve online.

CCP: “We are not trying to make everything dangerous.”
Tell that to all the people who lost assets when you changed citadels after you said that was safe.
Tell that to all the people who have logged out in a highsec system and logged in only to die because they didn’t realize it changed to nullsec.
Tell that to all the people who got insta-blapped by the triglavian scouts (this was especially brutal on new players).
Tell that to all the people who invested isk to build moon mining citadels only to have you nerf their profitability.
Tell that to everyone flying every single ship in the game after you nerfed all shield and armor modules to make them easier to kill.

I guess CCP just wants us to listen to their PR statements and ignore all of their actions.


More examples of CCP making everything more dangerous:
Their buff to the ganker ammo of choice - Void.
Also letting alpha accounts use T2 ammo like void in the first place so that gankers can use throwaway alpha accounts to gank for much lower cost (no omega necessary).
The continued chat system mess that leaves the local member list unreliable on occasion.
Remote repair nerfs.
Repeated nerfs to citadel survivability.

Mind you - I’m not saying that any/all of these changes are bad. I’m just saying that the statement “we are not trying to make everything dangerous” is an obvious lie. I wonder if CCP Coyote just figured that nobody would call them out on the lies.


Removing a handful of highsec systems isn’t “removing highsec”. Highsec systems are essentially indistinguishable so unless they remove them all, there is still highsec in the game. At worst they are slightly shrinking highsec, but for the systems unaffected by the Invasion, they are as much as highsec as they were before.

I think this is also true. Clearly, they are making somethings more dangerous as you point out, but they aren’t making everything and everywhere more dangerous. There are still plenty of 1.0 systems that are as safe and boring as they ever were. I don’t think CCP Coyote is lying here or anything.

In fact, I even expect some new, properly balanced safer space coming to Eve soon along with a revamped new player experience. CCP is doing exactly what they said they would - make things a little more difficult and spicy for veterans looking for a challenge, and make things a little easier for new players - and they need some solar systems to put this new content in, so hence we have this “invasion”.

Just because there are some new challenges in the game doesn’t mean you have to engage with them. Just avoid them like players have been doing for years with Incursions or Wardecs or whatever you don’t want to do.


This change to highsec is outstanding. Jita has been too powerful for too long and I think the decentralization is gonna be nothing but good, there will probably be more differences in pricing between hubs and regions. I think this will make for a better game.

Love the tears in this thread… :laughing:


Yes… When the day comes, burn Jita will take on a whole new meaning. :slight_smile:


in a few weeks we have no caldari highsec anymore because of the fantastic work ccp delivers. sarkasm off


I cannot believe that. The invasions only happens in High-sec and change high-sec to low or null-sec for good. They only things players can do is to make system to low/null or stay current high-sec. How can I believe that CCP is not removing high-sec? Why do the invasions happen in low/null-sec and why cannot these systems become high-sec?

I think just removing high-sec is simple and direct way to do that. There is no meaning that CCP developed a mechanism to convert high-sec to low sec and said that it is not CCP’s choice and it is players’ choice. No one believes that. Players can do nothing if CCP says it would remove high-sec from game. The only choice of players is continue playing or not.

CCP is making a big joke, ‘We aren’t removing Highsec’. They are kidding players now.


I have read all exclamations about how it is great and beneficial and so on, but as I am concerned I just did not ask for more dangerous hi-sec. Even I am veteran player my gamplay is much more casual lately, as I have a life. I run some missions or explore hi-sec a little bit - but nothing too serious or dangerous. And THAT is why I keep playing in hisec. Due to recent development I lost 2 tengus in last month to NPC - nothing I could not replace, but my enjoyment of this game is fading. And recomendation, that I can wait till the storm passes is ridiculous one - I can hardly muster one or two hours of gameplay and wainting out the storm is not the most fun experience to do.
So pretty please, let the hi-sec be reasonably secure - I know other players can always gang me, I can live with that, but I really do not need NPC/mobs harrasment on hi-sec.
And yes I could go play hello kitty online, but it is not in space, so I am not interested.


Eve Echos is in space.

Mobile gaming is not an option…


Changes to highsec has no impact on the bots in nullsec, where most of the botting in Eve goes on.


How did you lost 2 tengus to npcs and how is that CCP fault?

Am writing this today to say that the recent invasion and takeover of the Kaunokka system by the Triglavian Collective has now effectively ruined the whole game for my entire corporation and we already have members quitting the game entirely and not planning on renewing their omega subscriptions. Not only did they basically lose all of their ships and all of their gear stored in various NPC stations across the system, they have also now lost their wealth building abilities as PI Customs Stations can no longer be accessed and POS stations for manufacturing and research are essentially unavailable because you can’t fly safely through anywhere in the system now.
Not everyone that plays and pays for this game enjoys low sec, null sec or wormhole space. We all thought that high sec space existed for a reason so that is why we formed this corp and set our HQ in a system previously designated as a high sec system. Now it’s virtually impassable to anything less than a battlecruiser. The recent invasions around Kaunokka have already removed our ability to travel to Oshaima, Kuelen, Rairomon and Konola and the invaded systems on the map just keeps growing. This is effectively alienating and isolating the entire player base that only play in high sec space. Not just the pilots in our corporation but everyone who plays. There was nothing wrong with the way it was before when your system got invaded for a couple days through some conduits and then it was over and the invasion moved to another system. My subscriptions for both of my Omega accounts come due in November and at this point, I will not be renewing them unless CCP makes some substantial changes to this Triglavian Invasion of the entire game nonsense…