CCP Coyote on Invasions - We aren't removing Highsec

How did they lose all this stuff in NPC stations?


Because low level members can’t get past the gate or station guns without getting dead. That and the chance of a kill on an indi, frigate, destroyer and even some cruisers by npc’s is very real, let alone the chances of a pvp kill on any small ship

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You seem very high strung. Breathe. Go ahead and quit the game - when you come back all of this will be resolved.


Despite your opinion of the state and nature of my being, what makes you so sure “all of this will be resolved”?

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The other Triglavian Quadrants were excessive in their own way, but when each quadrant was over, CCP just shut them off and moved on.

Look at the system security status. It has not changed, there is an effect being applied to the system which is clearly not permanent/irrevocable.

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Just use a ceptor to get in or pay a hauler to get stuff out smh

Okay, a few things…

First, everyone and their grandma have been talking about systems flipping for quite some time now. I would be more sympathetic if you had lived in one the first systems to be flipped, but that wasn’t the case. You have chosen to keep your head buried in the sand for the past 3 months, while 20 total systems and 17 HS systems reached final liminality -including both Raravoss and Niarja, which both made headlines when they did. Now, I understand that not everyone wants to have to stay abreast of Eve current events at all times, especially when they go on break. Moreover, newbros are already struggling to find their footing, and might have little idea where to go for news and information. So, I’ll concede that CCP probably should have given more of a heads up to players (i.e. advanced warning through a Edencom or Concord communication). But at the same time, your corp leadership also bears plenty of the blame for not trying to figure out how this frequently-discussed/complained-about content might affect your corp and it’s members.

Oh, and fyi, only certain systems can reach final liminality -namely systems with G5, A0, B0, and O1 type stars. It is something that has been speculated on since the very beginning when ARC (iirc) released a document theorizing that only star systems could go into final liminality.

Second, so you failed to recognize the danger and move your corp out of an at risk system before it was invaded. Now what? Do you organize corp move ops, try secure hauling services for them, and/or try to help them get them get back on their feet with PvE ships? Of course not. You let them quit because you’d rather complain than try to figure out how to solve problems and help each other out.

CCP probably could have done a better job warning players, but make no mistake -your corp leadership still failed your corp members.


You may percieve bitterness in my post, but I am not blaming CCP for it. I lost to NPC as I was not paying attention to new developement and considered hi-sec secure without any real danger from NPCs. My point is, that casual gamer like me (due to time constrains 1-2 hours a week, hi-sec gameplay only), plays to relax and with my limited time I just do not study all the patch notes, dev diaries or any other sources… So I get destroyed by something I did not know about. You might say, that my inability to play properly is not an excuse, but I am playing and paying since 2005, and still holding omega account - and as a customer I can complain if service I purchased is not to my liking.

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I don’t mean to be flippant, but welcome to Eve!

Eve is all about collecting stuff, building stuff, and maybe most of all, losing stuff. Highsec may have certain characteristics that make it safer for solo and small groups, but no one ever said it was safe or free of challenge. Much of the point of Eve is dealing with the unexpected, and in this case it is the NPCs who have shown up to ruin your day.

Time to adapt. In this case, you need to evac… now! The system has been lost to hostile alien invaders! Get your stuff out. This part is easy - just scout the undock, and if there are Trigs wait for them to leave. Then undock and warp to the gate and jump. There is almost no risk here. Even if hostiles show up while you are aligning, you should be able to redock in most stations.

If you do need to move about to get stuff, then all one of you have to do is become friendly to the invaders. They are easy to convince you are one of them - just shoot a few EDENCOM ships and they will be your friends. Then it is only other players you need to worry about, and admittedly this may be a bigger risk, but if you wait a bit and fly insta-warp Sunesi or maybe very stabbed T1 industrial, you should be fine if you scout the gate and it is clear in a pod. Or just set up some contracts. So many things you can do.

Stuff can be replaced. The best parts of Eve are the adventures and stories you have, and losing your home system to Trigs and overcoming that to rebuild isn’t a bad one for your corp to bond over and story to tell. Or you can quit, and go play some other game where you can’t ever lose anything. Elite Dangerous maybe? I don’t know, but something else.

If you do need some help, just ask. If not, well fly safe in whatever game you end up in.



And to build upon what Black Pedro said, moving is a PITA, but getting your stuff out should pose relatively little risk.

  • Use intel tools and/or scouts to check for player activity (i.e. Eve Gatecamp Check). Fortunately, Kaunokka appears to be a relatively quiet system. So you shouldn’t have to worry too much about gatecamps. I mean, it’s not like you’re trying to evac from Niarja.
  • Getting pilots into system is easy. Just use shuttles,rookie ships, or clean clones in pods. Oh, and make sure you have a pod saver tab set up if you’re not in a clean clone. No one should be losing implants.
  • Getting haulers into system is risky, but not impossible. Scout the gate, and use a webbing alt on freighters, a properly sized MWD on things like Bowheads and DST’s, and align speed affecting mods on T1 haulers like Wreaths. The less time you spend aligning on the gate, the less likely you’ll get caught by trigs or players.
  • Getting stuff out of system is stupid easy. You don’t have to worry about bubbles or dictors, and only have to go 1 jump, so the only real danger is kick out stations (stations that automatically put you outside of the docking ring when you undock). You can test to see if you’re stuff is in a kickout station or not by using a rookie ship or something. If so, you can use a punisher with an oversized prop mod to make some instant undock bookmarks. Then, if you happen to undock with players or trigs on the station, you can just warp to the instant undock. Keep an eye out for combat probes on D-scan though. Players might try to scan down your bookmarks. Anyway, since you don’t have to worry about bubbles, you’ll always land on the gate when warping out, and can immediately jump out.
  • If you’re not in a kickout station, there’s hostiles on the undock, and you don’t have instant undocks set up, just hit ctrl-space and nothing else (don’t activate mods, just stop your ship). If you do this, you’ll have a brief period of invulnerability. Thus, you can just wait for the session change timer to go away, and then re-dock.
  • You can save space by reprocessing cheaper, high volume stuff (such as T1 frigs and destroyers), you will lose some value, but it’s not like reprocessing faction ships, and you can save a butt ton of space.
  • Don’t forget about your frigate escape bays.
  • In this particular instance, it’s not a terrible idea to slap a bunch of cargohold expanders on ships that you’re manually flying out, and then fill them with crap. Just make sure to have a scout on the other side of the gate if you’re overloading the ships with too much value. You don’t want to safely get out of kuanokka just to get ganked on the other side. Regardless, once you get the stuff to Yria (or wherever), you can then transfer the stuff to properly tanked freighters and DST’s.
  • Don’t forget to follow safe hauling practices once you get out of Kuanokka.
  • Making friends with the trig rats might make moving a little easier, but will make EDENCOM hate you, which can make travel through EDENCOM systems risky. Personally, I recommend staying neutral to Edencom, and just waiting for any trigs sitting on the station to leave.

Oh, and this fit goes 9,000 m/s and costs 10 mil. It’s great for making off-grid instant undocks.

[Punisher, Bookmark Maker]

Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Overdrive Injector System II
Overdrive Injector System II

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Okay, I think that’s everything.


CCP doesn’t like doesn’t like newer players, doesn’t like hi-sec, doesn’t like miners & doesn’t like haulers. That much is obvious from the way they run the game & make changes to it.

Station trade all day with zero risk but you sure as heck better not think you’re going to mine solo in “high-security” for any even intermediate length of time (a couple hours) without getting ganked. Or become a hauler and make money with the Triglavian invasion turning contiguous hi-sec into swiss cheese.

CCP is a joke.

All of the changes are catered to null sec veterans who multi-box with many alts. There aren’t 30k active Eve players there’s maybe 8-12k humans behind that figure & that’s being generous.

CCP wants you to pay for ISK with RMT even though RMT is banned for players doing it, they’ll sell PLEX all day that is easily convertible to ISK. Complete cash-cow attitude toward their player base.


This guy…

You know, I’ve seen nullsecer’s (mostly goons) on these very forums assert that CCP hates nullsec. It’s, of course, an absurd statement made by carebears who are mad that CCP is introducing changes that make the game more challenging for them. Well, guess what, Eve is a brutal and unforgiving game, and CCP has to balance it for everyone -hunters, gankers, explorers, miners, haulers, F1 monkeys and so on. Not only that, but CCP has recently decided to try to increase the challenge for veteran players. So, belly up to the bar or go play something more your speed.

I could probably be more tactful about this, but I get tired of saying the same thing over and over again to forum whiners -you get ganked frequently because you don’t know what the ■■■■ you’re doing. And you fail to learn and grow as a player because you externalize the blame.

I do believe that CCP is more attuned to the values and priorities of nullsec (which I believe is product of a nullbloc dominated CSM), however, your statement is so grossly exaggerated that I shouldn’t even have to waste my time debunking it.

Once again, this is total BS. Of course, various people will accuse CCP of various anti-consumer practices, but it’s amazing how many terrible players blame their losses on CCP of trying to make them buy plex.

Finally, you don’t know how to fly covetors. You can either try to learn how to minimize your losses, so that the yield increase offsets your covetor losses, or you can switch to properly tanked procurers. Personally, I think you’d be better off in procurers.

[Procurer, T2]

Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Medium Shield Extender II
Thermal Shield Amplifier II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II
Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium EM Shield Reinforcer II

Mining Drone II x5
Warrior II x5

Inherent Implants ‘Highwall’ Mining MX-1003


I really don’t understand why CCP hates high-sec so much. If CCP hates high-sec, why did it develop high-sec at first?

Also I don’t understand why CCP forced high-sec players to null-sec so much? If they makes null interesting enough, players will vote by their foot to null sec.

I don’t know why CCP such like to force players to do something. Players like high-sec and CCP use Trig to force them to leave high-sec. Players like to be miners and CCP nerf the mining.

Why not CCP just bans the players they don’t like? CCP hates miners, so that it can ban every miners’ account. CCP hates PVE players, so that it can ban every player who play PVE too much. CCP hates the players that do not pay real money to buy PLEX, so that CCP can ban players those never bought PLEX. These are simple means to remove unwelcome players from game. Why CCP let unwelcome players stay in game but cannot bring CCP any income? I really don’t understand.


What CCP wants is the free advertisement that big Fleet wars in Eve Online would get from game site reviews.

CCP use to get a lot of that which brought in lot’s of players, then the Blue Donut happened…

So now CCP is trying whatever they can to regain that free advertisement.


“balance” Its more about forcing players to do something in some way that seems preferred by dev.
Also free marketing in press when something tragic happens.

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Billions Lost in High Sec Struggle

“The EVE universe was the site of a clash between two opposing factions with one finally succumbing to a withering storm of heavy laser fire. Throughout most High Sec regions of space, countless mining ships began an apparent coorrdinated attack against the indigenous occupiers of the system in the hopes of destroying them and claiming the resulting prize. Reports have been made that certain systems were swept clean by this apparent wholesale slaughter, although a spokesman for the asteroids released a terse message claiming " don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow contesting these same systems.” When trying to get a statement from the miners side, the spokesman for the miners refused to answer to hails.

Doesn’t really grab your eye, does it? :wink::grinning:


“I heard that Eve is the most hardcore MMO on the market. What am I supposed to do? Should I join a highsec corp and mine, or should I join a highsec corp and run missions?”

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Okay, I’m pretty sure arguing with you is like arguing with a flat earther, but on the off chance you might actually persuade someone else to believe as you do…

There’s something called the social critical mass in MMO’s. It’s the idea that you need a sufficient number of players in your MMO to keep it from dying. If your player counts are too low, then players don’t have anyone to socialize, cooperate, or compete with, and your world feels dead. Thus, even the players who spend no money on an MMO have some value, because they create content for paying players and create social bonds with them that help keep them coming back. Thus, the idea that CCP hates and bans players that don’t buy plex is not only not supported by the evidence, but it also makes no financial sense either.

Second, devs often find that certain player behaviors are correlated with player retention (such as joining player groups or engaging in certain content). Thus, they will often create mechanics or rewards that encourage doing those things. However, the key word is “encourage”. Of course, they’ll want to guide players towards the things that might increase player retention, but they know better than to force players into play styles that they don’t like. So, an example of this would be NPC corp taxes. This gives an incentive for players to join player corps (and allows player corps to charge low taxes and still be a better deal), however, it does not force players to do so. If you want to stay in an NPC corp, or form your own one-man, tax-dodge corp, you can.

Third, the roaming trig gangs were implemented to combat mining bots. Thus, if you know how to deal with them, you actually benefit from their presence. Not only do they kill botters, but they further reduce competition by killing off players who’d rather complain than figure out how to safely mine.

Speaking of which, you are going to lock yourself into your current level of competency if you keep blaming CCP for you difficulties. That’s because it prevents you from asking a critical question, “what could I do to get a better result?”

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Excellent writeup. We need more of that.