Content Wars

Um, yes.

It’s the endless cycle of destruction and construction that fuels the content of EVE.

Think of the lone Damage Control 2 lost on almost every PvP loss mail (and many PvE ones too). Each one require components from regular mining, nul mining for the Morphite, and PI. It needs moon goo to make the T2 components as well. This all content that some one pulled from a roid, moon, or planet.

In addition, the datacores needed for invention had to come from either exploration, faction warfare, or R&D agents (the later requiring standings grinding).

All of these components had to be hauled to a trade hub or sourced locally. Plus add in the traders who make a living buying and selling us this stuff. All of that is content. Not to mention the ratter creating oak from bounties to generate the income needed to move this materials between hands.

And for every module and ship, part of this is repeated over and over. That is the content of EVE.

Now for PL to claim they are content is laughable. Yes they are an engine of consumption and destruction. But without them, there would be another in their place. And well, every blue they have limits the conflict cycle. Still they help to s one degree. All conflict does. Still, that conflict and the cycle of build and destroy that is the real backbone of all eve content.

Exactly so why hasn’t New Eden High Sector stepped up to the plate to ensure that there is someone else to replace Goons and PL?

There has to be another someone else, right?

Someone else that will get miners and site runners access to null to make the really good ISK.

If Pirates are looking for content, PL is basing out of Assah near Gamis. They often times run Interceptors and have a few Super Carriers, a Dread or two and two Titans, a Ragnorok and Erebus somewhere in the region.

What content that would be for a pirate corporation to take down one of their titans.

Other content involves PL running command nodes with Entosis Links. Not certain which type they use but their ships and modules and prestige of a PL kill on your kill board should be well worth the risk to ISK reward.

Welcome to the Summer of 2018 New Eden.

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we are still in the arse end of winter dryson, lets do that, then spring first yeah.

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Plz don’t forget to send St. VALENTINE’S card to CCP after the Upwell 2.0.
Cause I think CCP is the only one content creators in this game, rest of us just kids in a sandbox.

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Why? Both groups (along with others such as TEST, Brave Newbies, all of Provi) have new player friendly corporations. Why struggle to create an empire when you can just join one? And it really is a struggle to make a nul org. And it’s not just the effort but you need the people too, like those doing logistics, FCs, etc.

So people gravitate to existing groups. But that is not to say those groups are necessary. If tomorrow Goons or PL just closed, many of the players would remain. Some would head to the other side, some would strive to create new groups.

So again, the groups themselves don’t matter. EVE didn’t die when Band of Brothers collapsed. But the conflict, the destruction, that is what eve needs.


fun fact , his wreck’s in dublin,
edit: dunno if he got his pod out though

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I think that’s the case otherwise no kill mail available to confirm.

There are a lot of High Sector Alliances that could steam roll all of the alliances that you have named.

So why hasn’t High Sector formed an Empire to drive the Null Sector baddie empires out and take their territory from them?

Cohesion of unity.

Lack of;
Cash reserves
Null materials to manufacture materiels

Pick D6+1

Can you name even 3?

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This is utter nonsense.

A) They will melt like a snowball in Hell the second they enter NS en force.

B) The most powerful HS orgs, are NS org fronts.

C) Who do you think runs Perimeter? Protip: It aint HS corps.

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I can name four - the only four that matter:

Amarr Empire
Caldari State
Gallente Federation
Minmatar Republic

All the bluster from anyone hasn’t taken sov from these entities**.

–CONCORD Spokesperson Gadget



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