Need a little cash flow

Total noob here. Exploration is the one for me so I want to continue down that path. I am getting a good feel for the mechanics of the game from the tutorials. I am doing agent missions and so far so good. I do want to get out and make a little money, need to buy some skills and equipment.

Now, I understand the concept of: Do not fly a ship you cannot afford to lose. Well, I cannot afford to lose anything as I stand now so I am being very cautious till I build up a bankroll and can afford to get blown up a few times. So I have limited my exploring to high security areas.
Thing is I am finding nothing there worth any money. I do find a wormhole or two but I am not jumping down one of those any time soon.

Assuming I am properly scanning, should I at least find one or two things up in high security that will give me a little cash flow? The only time I can log on is about an hour or so before the servers are reset. I do not know if that makes any difference. Maybe high security has just been farmed out. How should I approach getting some cash with the least amount of risk? I really cannot afford to lose my only ship. Thanks.

I’ve never had good luck scanning in high-sec. When I explore I usually dip into a wormhole for better loot. Sometimes another player will kill me but in general I still make ISK faster then I do just scanning in high-sec. Since you’re just starting out I would recommend doing all the career agent missions as that will give you a decent influx of starting ISK and ships. As I remember you also get one of your races exploration frigates to use. If you happen to lose it and don’t have the ISK to replace it I would recommend doing some basic missions in a more combat oriented ship until you can afford to buy another exploration vessel (gonna be cheaper to buy then build unless you spend a lot of time building up your industry skills).

Buy PLEX, cash it in…

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One point, time from down time shoukd not matter. Sites respawn within their designated area when completed.

What this means is that a site is locked to a specific area in EVE, say a constellation or region. When tge site is completed, it will respawn somewhere else in the region, ensuring that there are ample sites for all.

Good luck with your exploration. I’ve just recently started exploring myself and I’m having great fun. Generally, Wormholes are the way to go, I’ve found. Just remember to bookmark your exit when you enter one, stay cloaked as often as you can and use D-scan a lot. You’ll win some and lose some but it’s worth doing. Another alternative to gaining isk is perhaps mine for a couple of hours. Sure, it may not be as fun but you can sell off the ores pretty quickly and get a T1 exploration ship or two out of it.

If you enjoy exploration look at joining a wormhole corp most corps that take new guys will help you with ships and skills look in corp adds or hit me up in-game im happy to help you out

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@Catrbiar_Saissore We’ve all been where you are and it is good to hear that you have found your path you’d like to pursue. And you’re absolutely right, Highsec are indeed “farmed” or atleast most of it is. If you want to find out where to look (have the best chance) for finding those much sought after Relic sites (or Data if you fancy those), you can open the Map and filter for # of jumps and look for systems (within empire Highsec) with lower activity (maybe <20 jumps in last hour). The less people jumping in and out of system the higher the chances are to find untouched signatures.

Things to remember when Exploring WHs:

  • Always ‘Show Info’ on the wormhole before jumping in, so that you know how much time you approximately have and how much mass it can support (shows how much activity there is/has been) before the WH collapses.
  • Pirate Faction Relic/Data sites only spawn in Class 1-3 wormhole system, you can check which class a system is on this 3rd party website as well as if it has any Anomaly effects (read about them here)
  • Always Bookmark your Exit, that way you don’t have to scan it down.
  • when warping away from your the exit WH make a few Safes in the system, in case your exit is blocked and you have to wait for quieter times.
  • If unable to fit/use cloak it could be a good idea to fit for ECCM to make your ship harder to scan down with Combat Probes.

Good luck with your Travels and may you find bountiful riches :wink:

Ghost Sites are your best bet for an ISK infusion in highsec. Could be that you need a Rangefinding Array and Sister probes to scan them to 100%. You get 20sec to hack a can and GTFO before the sites blows up. So be careful. But the 10+ Mil. ISK of loot you get from a can are worth the risk. Just store the Sisters probes and loot in a station nearby before you go in. When flying T1 frigs the stuff in the cargo is often way more valuable than the ship.

First – Thank you all for your responses.

Donkyhotay – Yes, I think I will do other missions, gives some cash and a better overview of the game.

Lady Ayeipsia – Did not know respawn was same region, learned something new. Eve University was unsure of the mechanics.

Adam Cornavin – Yes, been reading up on those bookmark things, little work but worth the investment. I have been drooling over getting a cloak. Actually, can an Alpha get those?

Sakimnra – thanks for the heads up on WH and jumps. Yes, have to do some practice on creating safes.

Gregorius – I will have to look and see if I have those items, doubt it as I am just starting.

Just have to do more scanning and see what I find.

No, Alphas can not cloak. That being said I have entered wormholes and done exploring as an Alpha without a cloak. That’s the main reason when I do explore in wormholes I just “dip” and don’t stay long. Keep close track of your dscan, make certain you have a “safety” bookmark and you’ll probably live long enough to scan a couple sites down and escape with loot.

If you are looking to make some serious ISK and have 100% exploration ship replacement get in touch with me. I am running some projects in that area and I could help you get started. I am always looking for new players.

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