Tactical Destroyer Probing

I’m new and obviously can’t fly a T3, but I was curious.

The PvP potential with their various mode bonuses seem obvious.

The tactical destroyers get bonuses to fitting probe launchers. At first thought this could be a PvE situation. Some data sites have nasty rats that exploration frigates can’t take. Or maybe it’s for those high competition in low sec sites where you want to fend off other players, so it’s a PvP exploration role. But there is no bonus to scan strength, so those level IV sites are out of reach.

OK so maybe the intention was fitting combat probe launchers. The bonus was intended for PvP all along, just like their other bonuses. But it still has no scan strength bonus. I don’t know much about the combat probe launchers, but I do know that scan strength is important for getting ships as well as cosmic signatures.

So how do Tactical Destoryers use combat probes?

With level 5 scanning skills, you can probe practically any ship and warp to it to kill. It’s good for hunting mission runners, explorers, miners, mobile tractor units, mobile depots, drones, and anyone at a “safe” bookmark. T3 destroyers (and T3 cruisers) make excellent hunters.


You also don’t need the scan bonus when you’re just probing people down you’re on grid with. Iirc that was their intended purpose and remains their most used function.

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Oh I thought it was for probing people in the system.

You can do that but most of the time if you’re willing to dedicate the fitting to one of these it’s so you can probe down and add bookmarks of hostile(s) or to warp yourself or fleet directly to them. Assuming they are 150km+ away.

Um, can you clarify this? So someone willing to use a tactical destroyer and probes, the probes are for scanning ships right? Sorry, the sentance just seems kind of awkward.

If there is another party on grid with you sitting at range or maybe pinging around grid. You can combat probe your location. Because you’re just probing on top of yourself you can get 100% in one scan. This will give you the location of all ships on grid at the time of the scan. You can use this to create bookmarks of the locations for reference, in order to warp to later, or to have another member in fleet with access to your bookmarks to warp to. If they are far enough away you can also warp yourself to them right when the scan finishes.

The probes on my Hecate make for min 25% of my solo kills. Sister Combat probes in T2 launcher with max skills is the way to go for max performance for the buck. If you are bored you can also make some sites. Lvl4 you only get down if there is already somebody in. :wink:

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The expanded probe launchers needed for combat probes use up a LOT of CPU.

It’s very very hard to have an expanded launcher AND combat fits on smaller ships.

I think the point was to have one ship scan for targets then have another on station ready to warp in to attack (or have a fleet ready).

Oh I knew that, and the tactical destroyer bonus allows something like a confessor to easily fit the expanded probe launchers and still be combat capable. I made the post because I wasn’t really sure what the point of that was. In a broader sense the obvious answer is “to find ships” but I didn’t know what sitaution you’d be searching for ships as a destroyer.

Probably looking for T2 and T1 destroyers, or frigates.

Don’t take on anything bigger than yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

To kill them. :stuck_out_tongue: Those solo combat capabilities of T3D are no joke. Basically can kill anything cruiser below, and higher if the other party makes mistakes. You are flying this thing like an eagle (the bird not the ship), watching for prey and jumping on it by surprise.

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You can Scan both people and signatures, like wh for example

I had a kestrel that disagrees with this.

Yeah, don’t engage Rifters, Kestrels, Hookbils, Condors, with a Hecate unless you know they are incompetent. :wink:

I’ve taken out BC’s with a Rifter, Battleships with a Punisher. So yes you can do it, but usually not recommended especially solo.

I find the bigger the target is the less of a threat it becomes.

Doing the super speed and reduced MWD penalty?

What do you mean?

You said the bigger the target the less of a threat it becomes. I was picturing getting close a big clunky ship and using defense mode to reduce the MWD signature radius penalty, so you get the full benifit of the speed and high traverse while picking away the big ship