Anti-Ganking needs to stop being Anti-Gank

When James 315 first wrote his iconic words, he eloquently brought to light a number of issues with High-Sec that unfortunately endure to this very day. The brilliance of his words are undeniable, even to the most adherent Anti-Ganker.

The population that inhabits High-Sec space in EVE online is in effect a civilization. He was absolutely correct to state than mankind can only reach it’s full potential when taking part in a civilization. AFK activities are literally the antithesis of taking part in said society. EVE needs an active player-base who is dedicated to hunting down bots and halting their “MMO Gold harvesting efforts”. However this is precisely where CODE failed. Instead of living up to the ideal that James put forth, they simply became griefers who used the very same multi-box bot programs they claimed to fight against.
The current state of High-Sec of EVE online hasn’t been this dismal since the early 2000’s. I see countless AFK haulers moving freely from trade hub to trade hub. I see Ice and asteroids quite literally being mindlessly mined by bots and AFK “players” and it makes me sick. They make the very lifeblood of our shared civilization less meaningful with every ISK they draw from the game without actually playing it in any way.

This is a call to arms of all who value what EVE online actually brings to the world. F**king kill them all! Anyone drawing ISK from the game while AFK must be dispatched with prejudice! Autopilot haulers, miners, ratters… all of them must be stopped. We must prevail where CODE and James ultimately failed. We must fight back against the threat of carebears and AFKers while maintaining a sense of classiness and integrity.

We must police one another to ensure we don’t allow griefing newbros who aren’t AFK. We must stop those who claim to fight “bot-aspirants”, but we must also stop the actual bots and AFKers while leaving true Industrialists alone. This isn’t about Gankers vs Anti-Gankers, this is about preserving something special in the MMO marketplace. I will be reaching out to individuals who seem to share these ideals. Feel free to comment below to express your opinions on this topic. So much of this game depends on what happens in High-Sec, yet it seems so little attention is actually spent to this huge aspect of New Eden. We need less intervention from CCP and more player created content to maintain a healthy civilization. Let’s work together to make this game something we can all be proud of, and prevent more senseless changes and interventions.

Side note, if anyone knows how to contact Siegfried Cohenberg… New Eden needs him back.


Not sure what you are getting at. You mean Netflix is okay, as long as the aspirant can see his keyboard from his sofa?

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Ok, this is not true, and you should shut your mouth if you don’t know what you are talking about. I use GankPro 2.3b, and it doesn’t even have a mining interface. We use totally different software applications, and anyone who ganks knows this.


Hi. I simply just don’t have the time anymore to play eve as much as I did. I would love to make the player retention team scramble for nerfs again but irl is the best anti ganker in existence.


Okay, but how are you going to solve the issue of EVE’s PvE gameplay being absolutely intolerable garbage that’s literally toxic to the psyche of the average human being? Do you really want people to sit for 2-6 hours at a time and do nothing but drag ore from one container to another manually?

I don’t see how true anti-gankers can ever be anti-gank.

If there is no ganking, then there is no need to anti-gank it. For them to access the play that they enjoy, ganking needs to continue.

So it isn’t the anti-gankers that are against ganking. It’s the white knights and carebears and no amount of discussion is ever going to change that.


The trouble is Aiko and friends can’t find or doesn’t want 2 touch some of the large bot fleets , I’ll let you work out why , but they claim this is what they do , which so covers them to kill everyone .

The only one I see killing bot haulers is Cargo bandit but they aren’t new players , sorry if other groups target bots and I’ve missed you

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Siggy! You are a legend and truly missed.

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CORRECTION: Githany won’t touch bot fleets, and actively opposes those who do.

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Thank the maker someone started a thread about ganking/anti-ganking.


Some things said about gankers in general in this thread are just wrong. I do get out of my way to primary botters over anyone else and I do gank them at a loss. You can however not only persist on ganking max tanked afk Procurers/Skiffs/Orcas (these are what botters often use because they tend to think at least once about their actions, unlike regular miners). This is why we do go after bling and why some of us turn to scamming. I personally started doing mercenary work, but getting a reputation as a reliable contractor is hard to build up as a suicide ganker and most will not be willing to leave quick ISK behind in return for returning income. This and the fact that miners fly unresonable bling fits with paper tank is the reason why you see 3 bil Gilas get dunked around Jita on repeat. In the end it is the miners that cry for more tank that make botters more powerful after all.

I wish to clarify that many of my friends in Novus Ordo. and I do go after the exact same targets you say gankers avoid. We go after botters regardless of size or tank, it is just not economical to dump a bil in material on a botter with no return.

Not only that, I actually do even go after the miners that gank other miners. (Alvarium | Alliance | zKillboard aka P A R A B E L L U M | Alliance | zKillboard aka Gray League. | Corporation | zKillboard) I know you know about them, but I have never seen anyone from your alliance fight them. Almost looks like you are just pointing with your finger and that’s about it.

Anyway, back to the topic, @Chinwhe if you see any botters and need dps, let me know.

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I just want to take a minute to congratulate everyone in the forums that have made SAFETY. the number 1 topic for years now… Countless posts demonstrating the impact that Aiko Danuja and SAFETY. has on Eve…

Some might say its negative, and some positive… Nevertheless, she is a celebrity in the game

Aiko, must then be the most famous character in Eve and should essentially receive a monument in Halaima to showcase her tireless efforts put forth.

She is an active PVP character, roleplay artist. She is active in Reddit, the Eve forums and represents a large swath of the community. She also is involved in a blog and a code of ethics by which her “agents” adhere, and homage to her predecessor, James 315.

CCP - I say that its time to give Aiko that monument…


I agree. A community whose membership does not interact with each other, even through some kind of PvP, is dead. Dying communities lead to dying multiplayer games.

Having said this, I have no problem with any member of the anti-ganking side fighting back against gankers. Why? It’s player interaction. It’s player content being created and we all know player generated content is better than anything even a developer can whip up.


Not sure about the monument. I’m still pushing for @Mike_Azariah to get his first.

I am going to say that I’ve done some research into the history of EVE Online and took note of players who made a massive impact on the game. Helicity Bosen and the Hulkamania (Hulkageddon? I’ll need to look it up later) events is one example. Aiko deserves to be on that list, and I’m saying this as a PvE player.

I get it there are players who have an issue with what she and SAFETY (or James 315 and CODE) have done. I respect their right to voice their opinion, but I’ll bet my entire paycheque next coming Thursday none of them have generated the massive game content and the player engagement that comes from that. They’re also dealing with two pet peeves I have: AFK mining and AFK autopiloting. Why play the game if you’re not even at the keyboard?


The first five topics in C&P are about ganking.

Were this any other topic, the whole lot of you would be asking participants why they needed their own special snowflake topics for the same things…

But do continue. It doesnt look at all insular and not worth the time to invest in the game.

Eve is ganking. Everything else is a dead wasteland.


That does seem to be the case.

Interesting to think about how to stop bots/AFK operations. How’s this:

Have Concord send out DWHI troopers. They would be like cops looking for DUI folks, only they are looking for Driving Without Human Interaction activity. They could pull you over (Scram/Web) attempt to start up a conversation. If you don’t respond and answer their questions, they give the “player” a ticket, which consists of the player going suspect for an hour. After this, it’s not suicide ganking, is it.
Yeah. that conversation with the cops thing will require some actual programming. This will cause counter programming on the botters side.

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Lol well looks like we can so eloquently say this is an alt.

You don’t need Concord. Just give the players the ability to demand a response. If the botter doesn’t reply within 3 seconds, they go suspect.

CCP should make this change.

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