No relaxed Mining = Many less players?

Hi. I am talking of high sec.

Today i found some CItadels in heimatar and metropolis, with comprressing, in 0.8-1.0 security, un anchored and sent some items of mine to safety asset.

I think the problem is many people seek EVE as relaxed mining, and they are not getting that. Myself find logging less by the triglavian invasions raise, because my internet connections is no good and i cant travel without problem of disconnection and killed by npc if that Happen. Lately i am more avtive in LOWSEC because is SAFEST than High Sec.

I think the damage of the recon squads was nerfed without telling us, and the time to shoot was altered too, aprox 50% less damage and three to five seconds of margin.

But …

Three months later of the triglavian Invasion i see many citadels low power, unanchored, and other problems.

Myself down for 12 omega accounts to five (because are payed and two chars go to be sold in two months, then THREE soon) mainly because my partners, friends, no mine anymore because the changes. I dont see case in fly my orcas too .

Suggestions to fix this :

  • Block Orca ALL drone capability unless 0.7 security or lower. They need move then can be used in all space and can give boost but need be protected by others.
  • Block Porpoise MINING drone capability unbless 0.7 security or lower. They can use fighter drone anywhere
  • Block triglavian invasions making them only affect 0.7 or lower. And please, dont beginner systems.
  • Block triglavian Squads and recon squads to 0.7 or lower.

This suggestions can fix some of the player loss. At the moment no sense to mining in HIGH high sec.


Working as intended. Adios! :wave:


Perhaps all the people fleeting afk multiboxing and bot mining were incurring dramatic increases in the cost of doing business with the addition of the Triglavians and could no longer maintain their support structures?


CCP instead of making mining more interesting, made game punish players for doing uninteresting and grindy gameplay in a fairly casual manner, manner that allowed having fun by watching you tube or doing project discovery thats a bit more interesting. So those casual players resign from doing it. Thats what low hanging fruit gives devs.


The core problem is that you can’t give space for “relaxed” mining without making space for bots and multiboxers. I’m sympathetic to the dude who wants to play a mostly idle game, making some progression while zoning out or even with their attention somewhere else. I have much less sympathy for those choose to take this “relaxed” space and fill it with massive multiboxing, or worse, actual botting, fleets. This consumes PLEX and depresses ore prices for newer players making it even harder for them to compete.

There is just too much needless multiboxing going on now in Eve. It’s a tough thing to really fix at this point, but we don’t need to be encouraging or enabling it, and if some new highsec PvE can get that in check some, all the better.

Maybe that does mean highsec mining needs some compensatory buff, but there was just a really big one in the form of Moon Mining. I think this is probably fine and a few less multibox mining fleets is a good thing.


Spotted the problem.


Used for PI and cynos.

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Black Pedro is spot on with this. ‘Relaxed’ mining means multi-box, AFK and bot mining. Even the OP is talking about using 12 Omega accounts. While I’m not against the OP’s suggestions (mining and Trig limitations), I don’t see them as much of a benefit either.

CCP has spent too many years making boring repetitive PVE part of the EVE game plan, essentially forcing many players to pay for multiple accounts and multi-boxing and ‘relaxed farming’ in order to play EVE at a higher level.

CCP needs to realize that more active and interesting gameplay would end up with 3 different players playing and paying, rather than 1 player paying for 3 accounts so he can set up his mining multi-box and zone out while he watches NetFlix.


I would call that “insane farming beyond anything reasonable you should do in any video game” and not “relaxed mining”


As i say before, my accounts were scouts, PI and cynos., N o need anymore.

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Are they even valuable as player if all they’re doing is afk mining? All they’ll do is quickly run away and dock up the moment some hostile shows up.

I’d rather have people engaging with the game and the rest of the universe rather than selfishly afk mining. Good riddance to those folks.


As far as the triglavian menace, I’m on board. They are really annoying. As for OP and his suggestions, I think they are just silly. It’s worth pointing out, however, that massive multi-boxing is something that players wanted and CCP gave to us. Shame on us I guess.

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The point isn’t to punish you for being afk, or it isn’t just that, it’s to make the game more bearable for non-afk players.

If multi-boxing/afk players are not dumping huge amounts of isk and materials into the market, supply goes down and values go up. People are paid more for their time if the game is less afk friendly.

The game itself is more interactive as well. Bots and afk players don’t talk much. They don’t react to stimulus (except maybe to dock up). So the game feels more like a living breathing world if it’s less afk friendly.

Trigs are definitely good for the game long term, though i would have preferred if ccp let the players do it ourselves. I just hope ccp are willing to follow through and purge the cancer that’s killing the game.


Anyway, 14779 players connected now.

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It ain’t EVE prime time, what’d you expect? And what is your point? Eve is dying for the gazillionth time?

Should have checked the other dozen threads for triglavians. I guess everyone wants a thread on his own, just like the citadels in-game.


Why don’t you just sub and log in some more? Take advantage of the resources that other people are leaving out by not logging in.

Instead of whining to CCP to make your play style easier because you are lazy, why don’t you just do something about it?


Ummm… you are confusing three factors.

1 ) Is not my obligation or desire anchor citadels fr compressing in high sec, because the only people who can use of my circle of friends, are Four. We already change system to other place. As i said “mainly because my partners, friends, no mine anymore because the changes. I dont see case in fly my orcas too .”

2 ) I unsub because no need more cynos, and no people to give orca boosts and as i say, i have bad internet myself Sub for more sitting ducks to triglavian, no thanks.

3 ) No much people think is good idea put Trig squads in Couster and other newbie sistems. Myself subscribe not affect the root problem.

We have less players, less PCU, the problem is not i unsub. The problem is Triglavian driving away more REAL players now in high sec. Then we have LESS players in high sec.

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So may I ask why you casually dropped the comment

As of the player count matters regarding your suggestion?


You dont understand, I wrote its uninteresting, you see it as “relaxing”. While you can have relaxing and interesting gameplay. But that would need mining to be changed at its core.

Casual doeasnt mean inactive, it means something akin candy crush saga or angry birds.

And bots are programmed to be reactive, creators know when npcs of certain name and character warp in so they can warp out immediately. So with current situation it will not make botters resign, it is the same gameplay that is uninteresting and grindy as it was, only with few harder npcs warping in. But players will resign over it.


Truth be told it’s people like you devaluing the game for those with one or two accounts trying to do industry so I’m glad you’re getting rekt by triglavians because your interactions with the rest of the playerbase are even less than an NPC