Radical improvement to mining: the audible alert module

The mining drones beeped as they got to work. San Holo relaxed as his chair moved into recline position. He let one eye close. There was something about an attractive barkeep but the screeching alert of the ship scanner brought him back from that dream. Struggling with drowsiness and the controls, San aligned to the nearest station whilst recalling his drones and releasing ECW ones. But this was one slug-like barge…
Panic set in as the scanner recognised the ship, a broadsword, and warned that it was approaching rapidly.

San’s brain kicked into full gear but there was nothing else he could do. He could see the broadsword approaching now, a growing dot, apparently becoming blurrier until it got almost the size of San’s barge when the pinkish blur transitioned into full terrifying clarity. It was painted as a garish white-on-red skull that had a grotesque elongated jaw. Kicking himself for being distracted for asecond, San initiated a target lock on the broadsword for his ECW drones. An unfriendly reddish-golden wall moved around San’s ship, enveloping it.
San was expecting this and had been ‘killed’ by them a couple of times before, with the disturbing questions it raised about who he was after his memories had been transferred into a new clone. Worse, his tensing torso and legs tensed reminded him, was being mashed or even ripped piece from piece.
From the computer’s external view, he aimed for the edge of the bubble. The computer coldly informed him that the Broadsword had a lock on his barge and had indeed webbed him. Arms and hands still moving freely, told his ECM drones to disrupt the lock. The broadsword’s gun ports flashed and a distorted crashing sound nearly deafened San as heavy projectiles bombarded the barge’s weak shield.
“Come on,” he screamed at his incredibly slow moving bucket half-filled with ore. Another louder crash and his bucket’s armour was being tested. Seeing the lock break, a wave of optimism swept up, even across San’s now perspiring brow. Moving a little bit faster, the edge of the bubble was now reachable. Clearing it, San had to align again to the most immediate signature – another ore field. Again the computer spoke about the broadsword again having a lock. No web this time, just the expected volley, penetrating the armour of his ship and his ship depressurising. San watched the warp countdown going slower, taking an infinity between each tick. C-R-A-S-H and his pod was ejected. Wreckage and ore everywhere. As if San himself was on autopilot, he felt his hands align and warp to the station. Entering the warp bubble, breathing hard, San counted his blessings more than his losses.

^^ This doesn’t happen in Eve. Not much anyway. Instead, miners are blown up in ways they cannot meaningful respond to on maybe 1 in 20 mining trips. As far as gameplay is concerned, they might as well roll a D20 and have their ship arbitrarily blow up on rolling a 1.

As we all know, mining is boring. Particularly, being glued to local/D scan/overview is a pretty awful way to spend four hours.
It’s not even a good rate of pay.

This is why miners AFK or multitask. Everyone does it. The game design encourages it. But why should it encourage miners to be AFK during gank attempts?

There’s something very lame about AFK “combat”. It’s a little bit sickening for the podded miners and ganking a ship that cannot respond meaningfully is deeply unsatisfying. Even in PvE, they shoot back.

So I’m looking for feedback on this idea:

AFK miners need an audible warning…

  1. … when non-blue ships appear on overview.
  2. … when new ships/probes appear on D scan (refreshed automatically every 10s).

None of this provides information that isn’t already in the game.

I’m picturing this as an active module that is only available to mining ships. Cloaking would disable it.

To prevent it being misued to monitor gates and wormholes, it would not work within 5000 km of either. Nor would it detect ships enclosed by warp bubbles unless they enter overview range (4000km).

Yes, it is a significant buff to mining but mining ship tanking abilities could be nerfed to compensate.

The only real downside pointed out is that bots might find it easier to hook into the code (bots already hook into the existing code). Making this module Omega only would limit that problem.

Some people don’t like the idea of others benefitting whilst AFK. To them I say “Then delete mining from the game. Also delete PI and markets whilst you’re at it. They’re all AFK activities.”

The only time AFK matters is when it damages gameplay for other players and nobody is damaged by such a module.

There are many things which need to change in Eve PvP. Cloaks are OP, bubbles are OP, cynos are OP, Local is OP and it’s very difficult to reliably find small-gang fights. If any of the first three were changed, it would change the need for this module.

Most of the thread has been disrupted by people desperately trying to keep their killsheets padded by AFK kills. They are transparent with their lack of actual counterarguments and repeated pestering of the moderators to close the thread. As such, I’m keeping this top post edited with all the valid arguments.

Also, Miner_Art shows far more interest in posting nonsense JPGs than discussing the suggestion. I will not respond to him any more.

Edit: mostly rewritten. Module no longer tracks Local.


This is not going to end well…

Jenne gets popcorn…


Don’t go AFK


Poasting in a thread


Don’t ever go AFK mining that’s a bad idea it’s called code I bought my permit for the year I’ve realized a couple things in the past couple days this is just like any other game everybody has their role play code roleplay to to come around make a little bit of money I had a nice chat with one last night actually By Selling Their permits all they’re doing is funding their ship replacement program whether it’s right or it’s wrong this is Eve like I’ve been told several times over the past couple days do it like some of the mechanics Eve online no I think they could change quite a few of them CCP has three economist that work for them so I think they know what they’re doing I hope

PS there’s always that case where you’re going to have to go AFK code does it there self the guy that I was talking to you last night was on the phone he was AFK now whether he was docked up I don’t know there’s going to be the case where you have to go pee or answer the door or whatever in your mining drones are lasers are going guess you’re going to walk away it happens but no we don’t need a modular to keep mining when you’re not there call the survey scanner scan the area find a big rocks that your laser there take your 3 minutes AFK because really if you’re gone for more than 1 minutes you risk not seeing that Scout ship coming into system and he can have lock and pop on top of you tackling you before you knew what hit you

Do something else, you will make more money and you will also have some fun, meaning you won’t have to go AFK!


Just for the sake of it… what exactly is it that miners do with this information? All that I would use it for is to assess the situation and then decide between either docking up or to go back to being afk. So what’s changing?

I don’t think mining is boring. and I don’t do it AFK. While mining I check market prices or check my skills to decide what to train next.

I don’t agree with a special type of warning for miners.

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the reality of all is, the PVP is “The real game” in the Eve Game… and gain profit is the META of every players… but the PVP is inherent here, no more… in many times im go with a miner ship too (whitout significant defenses) and sudenly I die in hands of ganks … that i acep that in many times I die by my own risk and wrongs… yea I agree that there should be a compensation too … in same form

I’m trying to fit in with the reality that mining is an AFK or at least multitasking activity.* There’s no changing that. A minigame is likely to be horrible as well as distracting from gankers.

So let’s make it a proper combat situation instead… by having the miner actually be there the 1% of the time they need to be.

If an attack ship is on your overview, you obviously need to GTFO. But if it’s merely a non-blue in local, you may just stay mining whilst watching D scan/overview, perhaps aligning, getting ECW drones out etc

The difference is that you’ll actually be taking part in the combat. You’ll respond in real time as to whether you’re bubbled, disrupted or scrammed etc.
The ganker will likewise be responding to a real pilot and having to adjust their tactics in real time.

This is how Eve is surely supposed to be.

[* apologies to anyone whose eyes are pinned to overview for 4 straight hours, refreshing D scan every 2 seconds etc]

[quote=“Helt_Anajkt, post:9, topic:62822, full:true”]
in many times im go with a miner ship too (whitout significant defenses) and sudenly I die in hands of ganks … that i acep that[/quote]

The difference is that you should be a part of that fight. The current situation is more like having an RNG kill you arbitrarily every time the number ‘1’ comes up.

No disrespect, but I think you haven’t seen all of EVE to be making such a bold statement. I’ve been playing for years and I haven’t done everything. I startle just from the thought to describe what it would actually mean to be doing everything possible in EVE. So I suggest you revise your comment on how EVE is supposed to be.

What I can tell you is that when you find mining a tad bit too boring to switch to one of the many other activities. Mining really is like the “knitting club” among the activities in EVE (and PI is like going down into the basement to check on the gas meter…). I certainly don’t have a problem with it, I even enjoy a good, boring ice mining session, one that’s lasting for several hours. But I also do need to change my activity and pick up the pace so that I don’t get bored by doing the same thing over and over again.

You really need to look at EVE again and not only at mining. Just don’t play EVE thinking you’re a miner and you’ll always be a miner and miners have votes and rights like you’re the backbone of the world… EVE is much larger than this and your existence as a player is not just that of an ore producer. I’d say you’re not supposed to to do just one thing, but you really have to explore it. If anything mining is meant to be boring, but to understand this do you have to explore more of EVE first.

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If you think Eve is supposed to be your mining ship arbitrarily blowing up… or shooting pilots who cannot respond, then I don’t think I’m terribly interested in your feedback.

Not that you provided any.

Inb4 “butthurt” comments, showing that your ad hominem was deliberate. Maybe shooting AFK pilots is the only skill you have.

Wow, are we butthurt. lol

Thanks for your response. You just made me laugh!


I presume there are some people on here willing to discuss improvements to the game.

Are there any downsides to this suggestion?
Can it be improved upon?

Downsides of this suggestion:
Whats stopping me from deploying a fleet of bots which dock up when an enemy appears one system away with my cloaking unit?

The value of a thing depends on the difficulty of acquiring that that thing. Implementing any idea that lowers the bar on AFK mining is going to have the net effect of lowering the value of anything that can be AFK mined.

The assertion that decreasing the difficulty of AFK mining will enrich anyone, even the AFK miners themselves, is dubious, but the increase in supply would definitely devalue the minerals for all parties, attentive or not.

Since their introduction into HiSec, the value of the moon ores has plummeted sharply. I cite this as evidence that making a thing easier to get makes it worth less.

The Eve community is adaptive. Regardless of how you choose to make ISK, your returns will be approximately equal to the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. Decrease the effort required and you’ll decrease the return as more people do it more often. Increase the effort and you increase the value of that activity as fewer people do it less often.

There are other factors that affect value. Increasing the demand, for example, but I recall construction outpacing destruction on every economic report I’ve bothered to read much of. That could just be my luck, but to date I have yet to see any evidence that mining is too hard, or not being done enough to meet the demand for the materials it generates.



I’m sorry I had to.


This thread should be treated with the contempt, scorn, and derision it deserves. None of the ■■■■ you are asking for is combat related (which is the source of the audible cues {inb4 EVE has sound?}) or remotely “threatens” your ships.

This isnt a buff to mining. This is a buff to lazy ■■■■-waffles who dont bother looking at local in the first place.

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Same thing that currently stops them doing that.

As I said, no new information is provided.

Qia_Kare, not sure if that’s meant as a critique but it sounds like it’ll balance out anyway.

Not replying to trolls who for some reason can’t actually critique the suggestion.