New to ganking - thanks for everyone's cooperation

Hurry up and swap over to Aiko, you havent typed as that character in a bit.


you are so cute… You have such fear and reverence for the princess that you think she is everyone.

Truth be told, there is a bit of Aiko in all of us… Its just that people like you suppress it to become the victim that you have always wanted to be, so broken, so butt hurt… Id imagine that thinking about Aiko for you has you sitting ona donut and taking heart medication.

No no, you didnt swap over.

Cmon man. Attention to detail.

Cool gameplay bro. Just kill all miners and see price of your ships (that you will need to buy from time to time) sky rocketing. Clap clap well played o7

Dont be daft. Gankers almost always have their own mining ops going on somewhere else.

Having said that it is hilarious to see a huge number of mining barges zoom off because i attacked a rig in the starting frigate and was killed by concord before i was remotely done chewing through his armor.

Empty belt for the cost (?) of the starting ship.

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Buy a permit and mine as a citizen… otherwise, justice will be served

Stuff your mining permit. Citizens of Eve should rise up against this ‘protection’ racket.

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You’re terrible at mind-reading too.

Naoooo to permit.


Just to annoy Mr Serious I’m gonna name a Venture ’ Stuff Your Permits’ and go mine in Kamio. He won’t find me as easy to catch as some 21 day old noob.

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Nice ship name. That, or “Why So Serious?”.

I was gonna add ‘sideways’ to the ‘stuff your…’ but I doubt that will fit. Like when I tried to call my Venture ’ Bill & Ted’s Excellent Venture’, but it would not fit.

Anyway…I am now on a mission to get ‘Stuff Your Permits - MK1’ into Uedama.

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You’re clever at ship naming. The best I can come up with is Terror and Feare on Punishers.

I guess Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained would be too long.

Nah…it just makes me think how much pleasure it will be alpha shotting whatever crappy little Catalyst you are flying about in. Heck, it would be worth wasting a Tornado on that.

My best is Schrodinger’s Catalyst, and my Condors are all ‘El Condor Pasa’. But my Vexor is just plain old Vexy McVexface.


Cilla im going to shoot at you with my starting frigate.

But not because of permits.

Because i know youll laugh.

Ah…did you know you can quite easily get a starter Velator to 70DPS or so ? As the Velator is free, the total cost is about 250K ISK. I have these set up at stations all over the place…its the first thing I do. You can’t mass create them, as ‘board my frigate’ will simply board the one you set up and not a new one, but it is really handy for ‘my frigate’ to have a few DPS.

You are accruing quite a list of things you plan to do!

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I named my Thorax “Freudian Slip”.

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I don’t name my ships.

I name my mining barges :diamonds: Minmatar Mining :diamonds: as it helps me hide on D-Scan