New to ganking - thanks for everyone's cooperation

Of course you don’t. To you, ships are weapons, and assassins don’t name their poison or blade of choice.

The ‘Stuff Your Mining Permits’ Venture now exists. Onward with the resistance !

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Cilly is about to have a Venture adventure!

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Well, my Resistance Venture doesn’t have mining lasers…it has blasters. I think I’ll hand them out free at the Sivala gate.

Hey…then Safety can shoot something that actually shoots back :slight_smile:

Without a chance to respond… silly and his alts having a full conversation without me. Lol

That is quite consistent with silly’s approach to this game… all talk, no action…

Thats wonderful that you all are so excited to name your ships after me… will be easier to spot the wreckage and loot… thank you!

However. I would prefer you name your ships “forum turds” that way i can congratulate you for undocking and playing eve online.

I see Aiko didn’t invite Noobie Ganker along for her little expedition. You still too busy ganking three week old noobs ? I mean, I was all over Eve…Dodixie, Jita, Oipo…didn’t see you once…though did bump into your ‘Princess’…in a system you’ve probably never even heard of yet :slight_smile:

Prob wasnt bump… more like: you saw her in local and ran for your life. Now it will ge another 6 mos before you undock.

As for my activities… calm down miner

Girls do it better


Not something daft like “Rubber Dong of Doom” ?

That’s what I call my Barghest.

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Mar 16, 2022?

Nope. Currently we are 21000 years in the future, around 23341 C.E.

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I’m very calm indeed. I got my ‘Stuff Your Mining Permits’ named Venture into Uedama and you guys can look forward to seeing it on d-scan. I do hope that annoys you intensely. Oh, and unlike the one you ganked that some 21 day old noob flew…this one is armed. Long live the resistance !

Dunno what you smoking, but it must be good stuff.


Its called Noob Optimism…that hippy-like stage before bitter-vet syndrome creeps in.


You dont seem calm…

Not that you seem to really follow any advice, but you probably shouldn’t have the ‘name’ tab of your dscan expanded big enough to take up more than a few letters. That’s just taking up extra space to provide you absolutely no useful information.

There is no d-scan on that image. But yes, most of the time I have it pretty narrow…and I dont have it on the screen all the time anyway, just toggle it on and off.

Does a single post on this forum give the slightest indication that I care how I ‘seem’ ?

Yah, you seem desperate for attention.