Redpainhawk; scammer do not recruit

Redpainhawk is a known scammer. He uses emotional minipulation to extort isk. (dead mum, wife, kids) His moral limits have no bounds. Do not fall pry to his seemingly genuine plights.

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Wow this guy sounds like capsuleer garbage. I assume you have proof right?


yes ofc, i only report this because of the way the scam/past scams were done.

How do we know you are not a Nitshe alt who just tries to smear the good name of Redpainhawk who as we can see from the evidence presented so far has done nothing wrong?


Take it or leave it :'D No skin off my nose. Warnings were given.

Hm, ok, so this just a baseless rumour?

I knew it is Nitshe!! Once again you come to this forums and try to accuse one of your victims of theft. But in reality it was you who scammed Redpainhawk, a upstanding citizen who’s only crime was to have joined your rotten corporation with good intentions.

You should be ashamed Nitshe!! It took us only 5 posts to see right trough your lies!!

Your eminence judge @Noragen_Neirfallas I herby request that all charges against upstanding citizen Redpainhawk are doped immediately and investigations into the criminal corp of Yvonne Squeeze are authorized.



Redpainhawk did once manage to get an entire fleet of 'Canes herded into Devil’s home station whilst at war with us. They jump cloned out gracefully and without unnecessary smack, though and with minimal losses.

Finding him guilty of not being particularly good is all I can really suggest.

Thank you good sir for your timely warning, I will add this reprobate to my list of people to be cleansed by the force of my auto cannons.

Best quote ever? also proof or GTFO

How do you know this wasnt true, though? Maybe he was telling the truth about his dead mum/dead wife/dead kids, and just also happened to scam you?

He sounds like seriously bad news to be around if any of that is true, all those people dying around him, he must be the spawn of Satan!

Be that as it may, he does not stand accused of being the spawn of Satan. Even if he did, no conclusive proof has been presented in that regard either. So far this thread looks to me like a meek attempt at slandering Redpainhawks good name. OPs knowledge of his tragic losses only make this all the more despicable.

Makes me wanna puke how ya’rr draggin’ this poor man’s name through the dirt. Hasn’t he gone through enough already?


He’s a Finn, he sees any non-Finns as basically subhuman and feels no regrets manipulating people as such. He’s told me this himself on comms. If you trust this guy then you’re in for a world of hurt because he’s one of the scummiest people I’ve come across in the 11 years I’ve played this game.

That matches what I have heard about @Yvonne_Squeeze. Huge slimeball, slanders people on the forum for no reason.

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