Jazzmyn Private Investigations confiscates contraband in MOONPIRE Jita / Perimeter mobile depot littering case


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nope its a lie… because carmen was in the corporation BEFORE the Mobile comed… so you are just thief and nothing more. you stolen loot not from corp only, you stolen loot from people that you have recruited. YOU have recruited the people, tlaked to them in teamspeak and at the end you scamed them! so shut up trash.
you dont need to hide your scammers, it was “Carmen Ibanez Askold aka Diet Ambramotte aka Peter X Ambramotte”

Well another scam example. Tip of the day never keep your s.hit in corporation hangars. It is plain invitation to steal it.

Carmen Ibanez… now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a while.

Popping that straight in the wank bank.


Isnt that what EVE is all about?

Treachery and faith, the flow of greed and mistrust in the midst of honour and discipline. Shades of grey between the lines of shadows and light.

And, of course, the stupidity of a CEO entrusting something to someone that hasnt earned it or isnt trustworthy.

The real person you should be angry at, is your CEO. Wait, are you the CEO? Then you really have no one to blame but yourself. You made a poor judgement call in trusting someone, with assets that you clearly cannot simply laugh off.

Remember, dont risk what you cant afford to lose. Golden rule of EVE, man. You broke it, and now your corpmates blood is on your hands.

ITs ok… i didnt lost much. as i said isk is nt the problem. but ok now i know, that eve is a greedy game :slight_smile:

Why do the depots still clutter my perimeter gate?? Don’t brag about yourself until the job is done!

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Whoa those are some big accusations and that kind of behavior is just not sporting. The Court of Crime and Punishment will now hear the case of Arisha Moon (aka Moonpire ArishaMoon) vs Queen Da3nerys and co accused (Carmen Ibanez Askold, Diet Ambramotte and Peter X Ambramotte). Please post you evidence of ‘Theft, Scamming and Being Trash’ and we shall hear both sides fo this arguement and get to the bottom of the who done whats.

Noragen Neirfallas
Judge and Founding Member of the Court of Crime and Punishment (CoCaP)

--------and what should happen after that?^^

carefull the player: Creoda trys to sell me my stuff… its one of them, says he is a hauler for the stuff and they trust him( do not make colleteral) and he want to give my stuff back ^^ after a short conversation, he want the money in advance and ready to give me my stuff for only 250kk hahaha the real worth of the stuf he got to haul is about 1.5kkk. so carefull of the scammer group.

As a former detective/shitposting manager I can assure you this is what we do when we aren’t killing criminals we confiscate goods that are illegally placed.

Yours sincerely Nutte NuutNuut former Shitposting Manager of JAZZ1

you are just cheap kriminals, nothing more lol… dont say you did it because of the mobile depots… they were placed AFTER carmen has joinded the corp… come on… you are thiefs nothing more realy nothing more cheap thiefs.

Actually you never said that isk isnt the problem. Infact, by your post, it seems as though you had to get isk from other people in order to purchase those stuff which means that you yourself couldnt afford it, which means that Isk was a problem.

… i am sorry of my english. its difficult for me to write correct. but isk is not the problem.

…But you still had to get donations from corpmates to build it??? You couldnt afford to do it yourself???

hmm no^^ the people tried it on their own… but for your information… i have covered all looses from the members, everything is replaced.

So why beg for it back.

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this is over for me… useless for me to explain what i mean…

To the public this case became known as “MOONPIRE Jita/Perimeter depot littering case”. As this was (and still is) the most obvious and most obnoxious crime for the broad public, we started to investigate criminal activities earlier in the past.

The public has taken broad interest in the outcome of this case. We hereby produce the final report of our findings and actions:

Evidence gathered in confiscated structures proof clearly that Moonpire Corp. set out in development and production of weapons of mass destruction. We found blueprints, weapons and even fitted and battle-ready vessels. Corporation communication clearly indicated that it was planned to use those assets to aggress the peaceful inhabitants of EVE - be it human or non-human players. Quick action was taken to prevent Moonpire from acquiring bigger stocks to infest the Anmatar Mandate with criminal activities. We therefore confiscated structures used to hold and produce these WMDs and destroyed those assets that they would not cause further harm or fall into wrong hands.

Further we were able to prove that Moonpire had installed structures without a proper building permit, several safety regulations were violated endangering workers and visitors of mentioned structures.

Moonpire operated a moon drill from one of those structures. It lacked proper CE-markings. Even worse we found that the drill was operated on a moon destroying a habitat for near extinct stone lice. Bureau of Sisters of Eve urged us to take action to prevent further harm to this precious wild-life.

We also found that Mr. Moon and his corporation used a “Lounge” that originally belongs to an individual D.A. who left Moonpire Corp. quite early. In the logs of this chat room we found evidence that it was used for human trafficking, drug abuse and terrible medical experiments. Our informant testified that a large number (~30) of people were forced by Mr. Moon to take “accelerators” so their “brain was on speed”. Those individuals were mostly unable to communicate or to react when spoken to. Mr. Moon admitted according to those chat logs that he sucked the brains out of those poor beings in order to sell it on the black market. We therefore closed down this chatroom to the public and reprimanded it’s rightful owner to leave it closed and under no circumstances communicate again with Mr. Moon and his associates. Sadly we were not able to track down the victims of this drug abuse. We fear that Mr. Moon continues his horrible abominations at some other place. Anyone able to provide new leads about these on-goings should contact the nearest CONCORD bureau.

In a related case Mr. Moon admitted to have put up an Azbel in Niyabainen just to have it blown up by the Pandemic Horde. As no reasonable entrepreneur would wager such a futile endeavour we suspect that this was part of an enormous insurance fraud. We were not able to secure enough evidence for PH blocked off criminal investigations and destroyed all that might have proven this. We have the strong notion that Mr. Moon has his hands in this obstruction of justice.

We suspect Mr. Moon being involved in large scale money laundry scheme. Confiscated evidence hint in this direction. Mr. Moon also publicly announced PLEX price manipulation operations and asking people to invest in a “bank”. The informed public surely knows that by this kind of schemes huge scams were performed and hard working citizens of New Eden were deprived of their savings. As our evidence was not enough to justify any action in this case we handed our findings over to the white-collar crime department of DED. We trust that sooner or later this crime will also be brought to justice.

In the German forum Mr. Moon also tried to scam people into somewhat like the typical “double-your-ISK-scam”. He announced to give everyone able to scam him off one billion another billion on top. We were not able to discern how exactly this variation of ISK-doubling-scam should work. But we are certain that private investigators specialized in cases of scam and fraud will bring light into this as this is not our area of expertise.

Concerning the littering of Jita and Perimeter with Mobile Depots those depots heavily obstruct traffic. Several capsuleers and their vessels were in grave danger. We were not able if someone had to suffer actual loss of life because of those depots. But we have hard evidence that they lead to several “Socket was closed” congestions.
In the mean time Mr. Moon had promised to take them down. We decided to provide him an opportunity to better himself and to prove the public his earnest desire to better himself by giving him time to do so. Sadly soon after he declared publicly in German forum to violate his probation and to put up new mobile depots. Jazzmyn Private Investigations will therefore stay alert. Eventually we will take appropriate action. Make Eve clean again!

Because of all these findings the confiscated assets will not be returned to Mr. Moon. Instead they went to social organizations like “Capsuleers in Need”, “Widows of EVE” and “Protect Wild-Life - Safe Stone Lice!”

A member of Moonpires director’s board, a certain C.I.A., was actually an undercover agent. We knew that we would not be able to stop the above criminal activities without taking such drastic measures and risk life and reputation of a seasoned agent.

We thank you for your attention and apologies for any inconvenience!

Peter X Ambramotte
Desk Officer, Lead Investigator
Jazzmyn Private Investigations

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The only thing I’m interested in is having this crap depots removed, any plans for that?