Corp Theft Report

Good morning, well, not really a good morning for me, but let me tell you all a story.
I am the CEO of an old DUST514 corporation, and recently I was a victim of a corp heist. First off, I am not mad; I am more surprised than anything. for security reasons, I will not give player names or corp names, but I am also not hiding info. If people did hard enough, they could figure it out.
So my corp has a policy to help new players out with easily replaced ships and a public community hanger that people can take and deposit items. It is all stuff the corp remembers wanted, so I let them; I contribute here and there with loot I get from missions.
I had this new player who joined, and he was in my corp for about 2-3 months, very active and friendly. Always asking for help and willing to learn Eve’s mechanics. And then one day he sends me a message that he needs to leave and just wanted to let me know. 2 hours later, I get an eve mail that he left, and 30 mins after that, he sends me another eve mail telling me to check those hangers. Lo and behold, all the community hangers and free ships were taken and all the loot from missions that the spider fleets bring back.
10 years of mission loot, fleet loot, and salvage that we accumulated is gone, and any other items that players dropped into the hangers.

Lesson learned, keep all public hangers as drop only and only have a single open hanger.
Again, I am not angry or mad at the guy, I can respect the hustle and congratulate him. I am disappointed in myself for not having the security in place, and I should have seen this coming.


Not sure what to add good you realize your mistake and recognize it, you probably won’t make the same mistake again. The guy got rich so well done on his part as well. Better luck (and more vigilance) in the future.


I am talking to the guy, and he is very chill. He even explained how he planned it all out. He said that this was his go at it, to I am surprised that he did not fumble it. He did return the favor by listing everything out to get a full damage report on my end. This makes replacing everything a bit easier. In case any of the other players need something but see that it is gone.
Again not mad at the guy and he did make a few billion isk off of me. Somewhere around 100 to 150 billion isk.


Pretty good return for 2-3 months of “work”. :slight_smile:


Yep. Not bad on his end. As I said, it’s all good, and my corp is slowly putting things back together. We need to mine ore and get more BPs to cover the lost ammo. As most of it was stuff, I can’t craft yet. No biggy.


They’re going to try real hard to get you to post the merest trace of salt.

Salt as in me being salty? Haha, now this is something I would like to see them do. But I already acknowledged that I ■■■■■■ up with the hangers, and the guy is even helping me set up hangers to stop this or limit how people can interact with them. So there was more good than bad that came out of this.

I honestly don’t believe this. 150 billion isk in a public access hangar for 10 years and nobody took it already? It took the guy 2-3 months to do what any sane person would have done on day 1? You played EVE for 10 years and didn’t anticipate this? You have 150b in surplus “no big deal” isk, but you mine in a Retriever??? You have some super secret “security reason” to not say what corporation you are the CEO of, although it would be “easy” for anyone to find out if they wanted to?

I can’t think of your motivation to invent this story, but I don’t believe it.

Maybe your scam here is an attempt to seem good-natured and get pity handouts from people who feel sorry for you.

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Called it.
If you respond to him Alex, you’re just inviting it in.

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You should send Alex some isk to help him out.


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Just talking of sending stuff , it’s my birthday and you never sent me anything, last year’s present was wonderful , I’ll wait with anticipation. :cake:


I played Dust514.

What corp was you in?

And why tf was it made on the ps3 XD

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you did say they were free ships. If you have a “help your self” policy then it’s only going to be a matter of time before some one takes the lot.

You mean like…

OP: Here free ships, take what you want. :partying_face:
Guy: I take them all. :money_mouth_face:
OP: Not like that! :angry:



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