My former corporation has been avenged


hereby I just want to say I ripped off my corp, however cause behind it is just.

A few years back, a small corp ventured out into WH space, tried to setup shop in a c4 with c5 static and get rich and strong for other ventures. We were small, we were inexperienced. 1 month after the move, we got invaded and camped in on daily basis. Sadly, we also got a spy from the invaders, run by a nasty mf, that goes by Dorian Novak aka Clean Head aka Leon the Dagger aka Mir Pop14. We lost everything, give or take at today’s value, roughly 20b.

I was angry, however, a corpie told me ‘Dont get mad, get even’

Well, took some time to run the scheme, set up a hauler/indy alt, get favor with the aggressors, properly suck up. With luck and persistence, got into their corp. They were (are) small, however wealthy enough. I was not able to gain access to major hangers and wallet, sadly CEO was not dumb enough, but after waiting a month, figured, lets take what I can get to replenish the lost values. :slight_smile:

So the results are:

Lost: WH + assets = roughly 20b, not to mention corp implosion
Gained: cleared 2 corporate hangers, roughly 190b in assets and ships

Therefore I label myself as a thief, but a just one.

Die, pirate dogs!



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Always fun to read an EVE story with a happy ending. :wink:


I’m not gonna say it’s peanuts, might be 20% of total stuff and it is going to take us some time to get that back.

Apologies, I do not know who you are, it seems I did, but clearly, I made an error in judgement. I do not know if you are an ordinary thief or if that actually happened what you say, tbh, I have no recollection of any special kills, evictions or slaughters that I took part in. If what you say is true, gratz and may the isk serve you well.

Got nothing else to say apart form that.


This is what makes EVE great. Good on you dude.

Perfect response.


That’s a long time in the salt mines.
Congrats on getting even. :clap:

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Screenshots, or it didn’t happen.

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A sucessful case of



i dont know what happend with this toon befor i bought her.
when i bought her i didnt know she had a history.
dorian was indeed sold after a theft.
i get often mails from i think the previous owner to buy her back.
im sorry it happend. im glad you got revenge.
i thought the toon was sold to me becouse off a los i found in its history.
2012.05.06 17:00 a wyvern got awoxed with dorian inside.
just to make sure believe it or not. i aint the one who did this. if you like contact me ingame and i can give you the names from the toons willing to buy her back. i took a brake from eve and i got a mail on dorian and on my main saying i got mentioned here.

You’ll notice that Bob Rock’s tail is wagging, that’s actually caused by the kinetic energy generated from the single braincell pinging around her head like a windows screen saver


I’m disappointed you couldn’t find a gif to say those words are you feeling ok

Exactly what is getting me back into New Eden (slowly - need some hardware upgrades and presently relocating).

I remember clearing out a corp with some friends. Felt bad about it then, feel bad about now. Whats mine is mine though and I am relishing the attempt against me.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Beware - you’ve hurt some of your target corps newbies too, who will now think the same way you once did.

Nope, a Frostpacker was mean to me.

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We are sorry but you are currently on our Christmas List to celebrate the wonderful holiday.

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Revenge is best served with salt. Ideally from the tears of your enemies.

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