Corp theft report: roses123 and freddy9000

I accepted roses123 and freddy9000 into my corp (they are both played by the same person) and in 3 days they took what they could and quit corp. Luckily it was just a couple of ships. I am making the post primarily with the intention of having a recorded history of the theft.

Gee and with those names who would have ever thought!!

It just shows ya never know :rofl:

Wait, wait, let me try…


“How dare you state such a slanderous accusation against an innocent pilot! The court of C&P thinks the pilot in question is of the best and most honest of pilots, and OP is an awful person for lying so blatantly!”

There. Have we had the whole thread yet?


If you add their names together they are over 9000


I have high hopes for you young Skywalker.


Did you checked their employment history ? If there’s too much Corp changes in few time , be careful

Did Rose and Fred have a surname? If it was West, you should have read up on them first… just sayin’


This is why you do background checks and not be too quick to move anyone to a specific position of power.

As they say, “Don’t trust anyone”.

The former capsuleer? Likely an alt of the latter or someone else.
The second capsuleer? Either an alt or longstanding Goonswarm member.

Regardless, they did what their creation was meant to do - infiltrate and commit theft.

Never ever anything was stolen from my corp. You just dont give access to your corp hangars to any players except you know them in RL

And that policy probably works very well for your inconsequential 12 man corporation.

Once had a guy join my corp during a wardec and instantly he wanted access to the Ships corp hangar.

Thieves just aren’t what they used to be.

They are, however, what the community has made of itself.

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