Corp Theft (kind of)

Well, I’ve noticed a strange pattern involving several beginners carrying and losing an insane amount of goods (20b to 180b in a single take) to the same single player (playing in multi-box mode with different carbon-copy characters) .

The very strange thing is that these “unfortunate” rookies seem to do only one thing in their life: losing fortunes in a single roll, or two. The lucky gang is almost always the same single guy. This is a clear pattern of corporate theft. Let me know your findings.

The link is self-explanatory, always the same insane situation, a clear pattern:

This is done to harm the kill boards of startup corps. I remember vaguely when this was commonly discussed that people would grief the zkills of large PVP corps (usually in nullsec).

While I disagree a corp should not care about its zkill it does help not to have 40+bil in losses all on 1-2 people.

Kusion is simply a very proficient multi-boxer who ganks very high value targets. If you look at his killboard you will see thousands of billion isk+ kills. I doubt he is very interested in the ‘why’ of people shipping their excessive isk around.


Doh! Moment. :laughing:

Those are not casual rookies: they seems doing nothing else than giving tons of billions to the same “proficient” player ;^)

I somehow completely overlooked who he was talking about for a minute too. Then I realized it was just Kusion doing Kusion things.

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They don’t need to die to him and lose half the items. Corp theft is legal, you can just contract the items to whoever you want.

Also that is exactly what out-of-alliance hauling alts look like.

Welcome aboard: you just said the right pass-phrase: “Corp theft is legal”.

I have no idea what you are talking about. These are hauling alts for war-decc’d corporations and alliances dying to who is probably the games best multi-box ganker. What do you think is happening?

A normal player do not act in this manner. Take Nari Usakor for example: she has lost 2 ships, one 11b and the other 15b, nothing else.

What follows is a serious question and I do not mean it in a flippant manner.

Do you know what a hauling alt is?

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Yep, but I still find very interesting the pattern behind this situation.

Yes, that’s how hauling alts work. They don’t pvp, they don’t PVE, they haul stuff. Every once in awhile, they are ganked by someone such as Kusion whose entire gameplay is killing guys just like that. As a result, their killboard is almost always that: nothing except the occasional high value loss where they get caught.


OP thank you, i needed that.

Peoples are using alts to hault their ■■■■ just so that if they actually get ganked, that loss is not appearing on killboard of their main lol.

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