No Shouna

I’m guessing this guy has already deleted his character, but be warned that they stole 500million from a corp last night… Please do not allow him to join your corp.

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I think we need to call the court into session.


Probably just a misunderstanding.

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It wouldn’t be worth it to delete a toon over 500mil.

Anyway, hopefully he didn’t rip off any of your members as well.

I went in ezmart to play mortal kombat on arcade, TheFactoryManager got on my bike outside and rode off. I’m guessing this guy has already scratched my sharpie name off and wrote his own… Please do not allow him to join your crew.


Why he was able to take that isk in first place?

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It was a new corp and they didn’t have the security set on a particular corporate hanger. I’m not in the leadership so I don’t know… Anyways, neither here nor there. I am just giving a heads up to other corps.

wow he stole a 1/3 plex… incredible… this is an insult, which has to be terminated by a judge…

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The clerk of the Court of C&P has decided that the Plantiff’s case is without substance, corporation management are entirely responsible for the loss due to their lack of care with regards to securing their property.

Case dismissed.


Cinematography! Nice!

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