Nerf Ganking Megathread

There are three types of people in the footwear business: those who make the boots, those who wear the boots, and those who lick the boots.

Some good points and I look forward to answering when I get home from work

How far can a Abyssal portal need to be from a Control Tower Forcefield?

1000km I believe

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So your 1st question : do you think we got nothing from all the freighter saves , we got isk and equipment coming out our ears for our actions , we never ask for isk and I think when people see this they offer to help out . But in the main our criminal fighting activitys aren’t worked around an isk per hour formula, I feel that can mess up some fun to be had,

Part two to follow




Ok we never ask for a fee , or scam people with promises of ships replacements , but we do get given a lot of stuff like a fleet of Armageddon’s that we used to stop a Talos gank. Hundreds of small ships and isk , which reminds me, we need to move some of them as the big ganking fleets are unheard of these days , I feel sorry for new players that will never see the likes of massive gank fleets ruling uedama .

We need to find new targets it seems

But you do beg.

Just a few instances of begging.

And typically beggers are scammers.

And here is why you are forced to beg.

Because miners are cheap bastards that wouldn’t donate a single isk. Even if the cause was a worthy one that they directly benefit from. Like anti-ganking.


I have to disagree, some are complete arshats, one even said I didn’t asked to be saved . Other without asking over time give us billions in isk and equipment

I just like fighting criminal so that’s why I do this , you are a group that want to PvP , that’s why your red or yellow or go around with KR on you .

Even had one tornado ganker convo me that we killed with a KR , why did you kill me and interfere with what I’m doing. Not even a bot hunter ,just killing for the isk .
I laughed

So really not that interested in who we save it’s the act of saving and defeating criminals.

Btw you still up for us coming down to your neck of the woods, plan to do it in destroyers . Taken a while to set up but I’ve been really busy in real


Wut. EVE has literally been this since its creation. You’re like a decade plus too late my boy.

Stardew is that way :smiley:

Bro I don’t even gank. The only people who die to ganks are peeps who can’t play good :smiley:

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Probably longer than if only undisciplined, whiny, and entitled new players stay?

Funny not one person other than their opinion has proved otherwise. But I digress and wait for a good conversation. As you can see in this post and in many others, it is just a repeat factor, which is pretty boring to be brutally honest.

Great thoughts and opinions, very much appreciated.


Thanks for the link that goes two comments up…very helpful.


Glad to be of service

That’s fair and a valid point, and nothing wrong with that. I do that too, but mostly when I’m out and about and happen to see someone suspect.

I gave anti-ganking a try for a short bit. And I have to say, miners are some of the absolute worse people to work with. I finally gave up helping them. They expected protection and wouldn’t lift a finger to help with the overhead and expenses required for pvp.

And their insufferable moaning finally drove me back into Aiko’s bossom. They won’t help themselves and they won’t help those helping them.

So, like you, I’ll take opportunistic shots at flashies in high sec. Ganker or not.

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Like me? Occasionally make new toons for spying etc. I didn’t just say that.

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So after reading the “homophobe coaching” stuff -

This is the problem with multiculturalism and tolerance/diversity: you either have to accept that other cultures will have different views and values from your own - which you must tolerate for the sake of multiculturalism and diversity, else you’re a hypocrite - or, for the sake of tolerance and diversity as such, must contradict yourself and accept the conversative position that some cultures are superior to others, and by fiat of force, declare that your culture is superior and “enligthened” and therefore must be imposed on others. And thus, “white western imperialism” continues - in the guise of progressive enlightenment.

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I went off game for a long time when I inadvertently found out about this new “bumping” and I lost one expensive hauler in highsec that I had worked very hard for {I still call that method crap}. Ganking players in high security makes it not “high” security.
Just came back into game after 3 years after being not being able to long on for a while due to sys issues and when I finally did I had lost my Athanor in highsec {but that I can understand}. Everyone is different but the game and developer $ miss out when some players experience this crap and leave game basically frustrated.

Just sayn…

So you played a PvP game when in fact you did not want to play a PvP game?

High security space means Concord eventually shows up to hand gankers their exhaust pipes to them.

It’s not called “safe space.” You can find those at your local universities.

More detailed it works like this

High sec: capsuleers receive a negative hit to their security status for acts of unlawful aggression and CONCORD is dispatched to kill the aggressors ship. If the pilot’s security status dips below -4.5 (simplified to include all high sec systems. It’s actually a tiered system). Faction security also follows the aggressor around like mall detectives, and will attack them on site.

High sec also has the most convoluted and complex crime and punishment system in the game (due to whining carebears that bleated in the ears of CCP to implement changes that they thought would work in their favor, just to find out that gankers and baiters and undesirable belligerents find ways to use the system against the very people thar cried for them in the first place) that allows for all sorts of shenanigans such as suspect baiting. KR harvesting, misuse of MTU tricks. Things like that.

I’ll be 100% honest in my opinion. High sec is the most dangerous space in the game because it leads to complacency, and with the complex C&P system, laziness and lack of understanding game mechanics sets up highseccers for eventual ship loss and in a some cases a lot of angry mails and posts.

Low sec: capsuleers receive a negative hit to their security status for acts of unlawful aggressions. No CONCORD intervention. Faction police don’t really care, BUT, gate and station guns will fire upon the aggressor if they fire upon a ship.

Null sec: you’re on your own. No changes to security status for any kind of aggression.

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