Bounty Hunting as an extension of suicide ganking

I do not subscribe to the romantic idea of bounty hunters. That’s an idea solely created by TV shows (I’m looking at you, Disney prince) and in no way or form reflecting reality:

A bounty hunter is a killer.
He’s a legal assassin.

The current bounty mechanics favour suicide gankers more than anyone else. KillRights are a joke and abused by people who seek to make profit by grabbing the price for the public killright combined with the insurance payout. That’s fine, but not actually helpful for the profession.

I propose a different approach to payouts that actually makes sense and prevents abuse.

Instead of rewriting the whole post in a new form,
I’m simply going to quote myself from some other thread:

Thank you.

And what you’ll end up with is players with two accounts gaming that system and raking in profits. Any kind of automatic bounty system that generates a net profit for a kill will be gamed by players.

Bounty hunters do exist in EvE. They’re called mercs, and players hire them to kill other players.

Always remember that often times the best mechanics in EvE are player-driven.

It can be done like a mission but the targets need to be random based on “mission” level or the type of licence you guy/qualify for…

The current system is a joke and mercs ganking people are not bounty hunters as what they are doing is illegal…

As long as no bounty creates a killright just for ISK, the system can work. That throws’s Runa’s idea out into the trash bin. (like all the other times she pipedreamed about it)

Stop it you are making me sad…

Likewise and happy to be of service. All people who suggest that killrights for ISK are any good make me really sad. By comparison, Solecist’s suggestion of gankers getting a huge share of the bounty is actually good. Not perfect because it opens up the door to alt farming bounties again, but miles better than your “idea”.

It makes me sad when people don’t know what the ■■■■ they are talking about in regards to others ideas yet still spout BS about them…but that’s just me.