Cross-Corporation Fleets under Wardec

Assume Players A and B are members of Corporation 1. Corporation 1 is under wardec from their long-time enemy, the brutal Corporation 2.

Players A and B form a fleet with Player C, who is a member of Corporation 3. Their corporations are not in an alliance together. If a player from Corporation 2 encounters this fleet, may he shoot Player C in highsec without CONCORD involvement? If a player from Corporation 2 engages Player A or B can C participate in the fight without CONCORD involvement?

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Player C cannot directly enter a fight with Corp 2 without Concord involvement unless a legal engagement can be created for player C. There are a few different mechanics that can be brought to the situation to make this happen. Simply being in the same fleet will not give Player C the ability to engage in combat without repercussions.

You should familiarize yourself with the various Crimewatch mechanics and timers:
Crimewatch timers

Typically a ‘suspect’ timer is used for non war-targets to try and draw aggression from the opposing player(s). This will create a ‘limited engagement’ timer with anyone aggressing the suspect. Neutral logi pilots are typical of this situation when apply remote assistance to someone in an aggression timer.

You can also have Player C’s corporation or alliance join the war as an ally to Corporation 1. After a waiting period anyone from Player C’s group can now engage Corporation 1.


I should also add CCP’s official page on Crimewatch:

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Player C can neither shoot nor be shot at in highsec without CONCORD involvement because his own corporation is not under wardec. However, that does not mean that he can’t be useful.

For example, he can still provide remote repairs for his fleetmates. Doing so will flag him as a suspect, which means he can be freely attacked by anyone, but it may be worth it. This also opens the door for playing tricks on war targets by deliberately baiting them to attack him.

He can also scout without making the war targets suspicious or provide useful tactical warp-ins.

I’ve been a little out of touch lately so I’m not sure how the new mechanics around boosting work, but I assume he can still provide fleet boosts too.


I may be wrong, but I don’t think it does flag them. (this may be out of date)

War targets are valid targets. I don’t think a limited engagement is created when you engage them.

It’s repping someone with a limited engagement (or suspect flag) which gives you a suspect flag.

It’s an issue, but not a simple one to fix.

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Right, no limited engagement is created by the war targets fighting each other.

However, if the neutral character provides reps, he gets a suspect flag. If one of the characters under wardec then shoots at him to try and take the reps off the field, a limited engagement is then created between them - which means that the guy providing reps can then attack the war target if he’s trying to be clever and the reps were some kind of ruse.

What isn’t clear to me at the moment is whether the new boosting mechanics flag you in some way as a suspect or something, or if the only change was to put them on grid. I’ll have to look into this.

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Boosting gives a weapons timer, preventing you from docking or jumping gate.

Good to know. No suspect flag or anything else though?

not for boosting, no

Awesome. I shall use my Combat Oneiros to carve a brutal, bloody trail across the stars of New Eden. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahaahahhahaaaaaaa…


The best and simplest answer is “Being fleeted doesn’t affect anything in and of itself”.