Counter-punching a Mercenary attack in High Sec - a potential strategy

Morning all.

A few thoughts on how you could slow-down the :pirate_flag: activities, in-game.

Again, this is a work-in-progress, posting it for reference & feedback from the community. These would be the steps to get going, as I see it.

1/ Place a structure in a ball-ache place for the :pirate_flag: to attack

2/ Assume you can keep the structure safe, by switching it via your Alliance

3/ If you lose the structure it’s only ~1b ISK, not that hard to get going again

4/ Set up a Corp for bashing Pocos. Give it a catchy name like ‘Going loco down in Blackflag’s Poco’ as the marketing team love that kinda stuff

5/ Recruit pilots who don’t appreciate the bed side manner of our in-game :pirate_flag:

5/ War Dec Omega And Friends Medialabs

6/ Attack Omega And Friends Medialabs’ Pocos all over New Eden 24/7

7/ Try to replace their Poco & set the tax to 0% on any new Poco (this would have to be a non-profit gig to primarily benefit new pilots)

8/ Post something on the forums for feedback :thinking:

That’s as far as I’ve got so far.

This might have been done before, it might be on going at the moment.

However if no one is looking at this then it could be quite an easy way to bug the :pirate_flag:, primarily for shits & giggles tho’.

Fly safe x

EDIT - Autism is not a mental health condition. I am not on any type of medication. Gary is now going to have to defend his comments in real lie, no more hiding behind Alts :slight_smile:

Once I find out who he is I’ll post the details on LinkedIn.

Happy to have this conversation with anyone, as long as they don’t insist on hiding behind an Alt. That goes for you too, CCP.

Stopped reading here. Mind explaining why that’s a good goal to achieve first?


As you already know, moving a structure around in and out of different corps within an alliance and then out of the alliance does not work. War follows the structure. We have already concluded that your goal is to steal other people structures. The problem is you need people to stop attacking it. I won’t.

And WH nullifies any travel distance people have to make to get to a location if we need to go after a structure 60 jumps away or a structure sitting in Ohide. As an example, yesterday we got a Highsec - Highsec wh 5 jumps from Jita directly to target system which was 55 jumps away from JITA. It is that simple. Sometimes you need to use two wormholes but it is a lot more convenient than traveling down the pipe.

What your proposal is doing however is make the structure a war HQ. So it is a lot faster to destroy than a normal structure. Within a couple of days rather than over a week. This is content creation, you are not slowing anybody down.

Also… lol… It feels like I am back in 2014 again with guys like you creating corps and characters in my name.

Kane lives on… Stronger than ever… AMANDLA AWETHU!!!


ps: this won’t go down like 2014, whatever happened then Gary…

Well lets hold up on that thought there.

  1. How many players have you EVER met that ask someone their RL age?

  2. Why would you ever not immeadiately run from someone who asked your age?

  3. Why havent those minor’s parents told them never to reveal their age to anyone online?

  4. Why are those parents letting their child play this game?

  5. Why are children playing this game anyway? And how can we get rid of them?

Ah it is ok.

He has already been warned I assume but people don’t learn.

He is doing the whole victim mentality thing and taking it out of the game and into real life. Which is funny because he was the first to to ask me about my real life at which point i blocked him ingame. (reaching out to me now via alts or other people). And then it spiraled out of control where they just became completely inappropriate. But it makes sense as old Holey is in those circles as well. And we all remember him right? Banned for his behavior by taking it out of game and into real life accusing people of exactly the above… Seeing a pattern here. So I will log another ticket.

They seem to be ok with doing things at a completely inappropriate level. If you see what they call their corps and char names in game you will understand. Some have already been changed to Caldari Citizen. So you kind of understand the mentality that you are dealing with.


pps - the naming of my Corps is more about my autism, than any grief you & Blackflag think you have inflicted, Gary.

Screenshot 2021-04-02 145952

Don’t kid yourself there, but maybe Google ‘narcissistic personality disorder’.

It should help you, in real life, in the longer-term.

(I actually told you what I was going to do at 1am this morning, then executed. You could do noting about it. It was just a process for me.)

In what way? They seem chaotic and unrelated.

Anyone who does any real-life baiting, such as race-baiting or condition-baiting (e.g. “you only ganked me because I’m black” or “you only declared war on me because I’m autistic”) should just be given an instant, permanent ban across all accounts that can never be appealed or removed.


@Destiny_Corrupted i think your english better than me right ? What i read was… like he is just answering the mention about his weird corp names reagarded to his autism … he is not claimed that he is wardecked because of he has autism spectrum … right ? So what is your point there ?

It’s a very veiled, subversive manner of attributing one thing to another. The direct interpretation of the words being used doesn’t necessarily convey it, but the intent is there, trust me. Otherwise there would be no need to bring it up at all.

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You have no right here to mention tickets and assume he get banned or he got punished… that information strictly between CCP and person of subject … you may would like to talk and ask in private on discord or teamspeak or such or game to him …but you cannot carry this claims to official forum platforms .

You act similair like all knowing classic narc trips but you are making huge mistakes that even people who back you up cannot save you from this

You can talk even less, you condone this kind of behavior.

you made a lot of comments and come with claimings about him punished banned ect ect … HOw do you know that??? Only way is CCP or GM informed you … is that right? you are reported to community team… with the GM whoever handled your tickets … they have no right to inform you about other sides punishment

I did no such thing regarding Carlos… learn English.

I am talking about somebody else. That is known for being banned, that is no secret. There was much rejoicing when that happened because the dude was just mad and toxic. Kinda like you… hmmm… now i get it… hmmm…

He used to rage in local even after you left local. 30 minutes come back and he would still be going.

EDIT: Anyway, GM don’t shares what they do so I will never know. But like I said… That other guy is a known fact.

There is no rules about rage in locals lol .Also as famous griefer and harasser you are reflecting like solid narc by teling other people toxic… wasnt you when i had been spending thousands of euro to give new players some good game start experience in todaki and steal ships made for them ? Made them sad and stressed… ? By knowing those ships made and served to them from that bowheads… And i am toxic … laugh…

No not at all…

But just to paint the picture of what the dude was like and then he just went to far. Don’t be like holey… that is my message to Carlos.

EDIT: After you got removed from RVB… All ships were returned to Vision that I took from the bowheads. He found it funny. :slight_smile: Good man.

Thank you for explaining.

I understand and it adds a lot of context.

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Last reference point on the mechanic.

I think Blackflag cannot attack Going loco down in Blackflag’s Poco (not some random Corp name, cooked up at 2am, if you think about it) for 2 weeks from tomorrow at 10:04.

This means, if the Corp had a structure they could War Dec Omega And Gimps Medialabs
& Blackflag could not get involved for the next 14 days.

There would be an in-game work-around at their end, I’m sure, but then you’d just switch the station again & the aggressor has wasted 1b setting up a new alliance.

It really would be an opportunity to blap their Poco’s all over New Eden for a week or two.

It’s Carlos’ 1y anniversary in Eve in a month btw, that might be it for him as this doesn’t really feel like a challenge anymore, the game in High Sec is a bit of a crappy grind tbh.

Quick note that it’s also World Autism Awareness Day, today -

Have a read up, as there’s very probably someone you know who’s maybe a bit like me. Not weird, just different.

So even if there was a 2 week cooldown it does not matter as you need to wardec the POCO corp, we can just become allies. There is no cooldown on becoming an ally. So while we might not be able to wardec directly, we can still ally against the aggressor corp.

In the past when we are busy with other engagements we would let the pocos get popped and then just go retake them. Takes about 3 minutes per each pocos timer since they don’t have a damage cap like structures do. So we just put up 20 to 30 leshaks and retake entire regions over a weekend.