! S0TAC Inc. opens his Doors!


You are looking for help in one of your Conflicts ??

Maybe we, " Space Operations and Tactics Inc. ", can help.

The following Services we offer :

  • Structureattack ( Currently Pocos, Astrahus, Raitharu, Athanor, Azbel, Tatara )
  • War Assists
  • Assaultwars
  • Assistance in special Ops
  • strategic & tactical consulting


  • Structureattack ( Fortizar )

What you will NEVER find at us :

  • any permaprotection programms
  • endless Number of funwardecs

And how can you get us ?

Join our Ingame-channel " S0TAC-Public " ( The 0 is a Zero )

Contact " Annosour Amatin " or " Ellusion Rayl "

Tell us what you need. But be shure, that there is
a clear objective for the Mission.

We will analyse the risk and if we will take the Contract,
we will give you a Price.
After that you can make your choice.

xxxxxxxxxxxx :nail_care: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx :nail_care: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zuwachs :

Du bist ein deutsprachiger Kampfpilot und suchst ein familiäres Team
mit dem du in die Schlacht ziehen kannst ?

:sunglasses: Du findest das Söldnerdasein spannend ? :sunglasses:

Dann kontaktiere uns Ingame im Chatchannel " Singlebörse "

Chears :beer::beers::beer:

Annosour Amatin


Good luck with your new mercenary service.


THX :beer:

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Yeeeeehhaaaaa, :smile::sunglasses::smile:

hey guys,

we like to thank all our clients for this workfull first 2 months.

we would like it, if you write your rating of our Service down below
as a reply.
Of course it is not directly possible, cause of intel. ^^
But after a few Weeks fell free to write your opinion down below.

So we are looking forward to the next contracts.

Cheers :beers::beer::beers:
and again thank you all

Annosour Amatin

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gladly every time again…good work and nice contact

8/10 points


Thx for your Rating.

Glad to hear, that you are Happy with our Service.


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Good luck and happy to see more mercs get going.


Great communication
Quick response
Great defence
Analyzes every detail to benefit the situation.

10/10 - would be protected again!

Thanks a ton, dudes!


Altough i know S0TAC for a while now im still impressed by their discipline and willpower. I dont know many mercs who stay awake late night to bash the final timer of a structure that doesnt have some defending forces to generate content from.

Im looking forward to work with you guys again soon.

10/10 Points for you

o7 Eram



Great thanks to both of you for this invredible ratings.
10/10 is awesome for us.
Nice greetings by my Pilots, they are all really happy about

Till next Time


Annosour Amatin

Thank you very much you awesome Guys for your services. Was more than pleased with our recent arrangement and hope i can count on you the next time. Id give ya a solid 9/10 due to the lack of refreshments. A little sip o Coke would have helped to get you to the sweet 10/10


Ye ol´ Uriel

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Thx for your great rating. :slight_smile:

At least we had Coffee, Tea and awesome pink Cupcakes. :smirk:

Hello New Eden Citizens,

over 4 months in bussines are gone and
we want to thank our Clients again for the
trust and the lot of work. :clinking_glasses:
As a result of the experiences of the last Weeks,
we edited and expanded our Services in the Startpost.


So thank you all again and feel free to continue with your
ratings in our Thread.


Annosour Amatin

Helloo Citizens,

yehaa, 6 moths have passed and we are still in businness.
So we want to thx again all our clients.

As a consequence we have added Tatara-attacks to our services.

We love our job and hope, you all stay as good paying clients. :beers::beer::clinking_glasses:


Annosour Amatin

Annosour and his crew were reasonably priced for what I had them do. Curt and prompt responses to my inquiries before hiring them. Would recommend and would hire again!

Celebrate our Anniversary !!

In this Month we are still one Year in Service and still here.

So big thanks to all clients who gave us work and money
and trust in our integrity.

Feel free to give us the next contracts !



Annosour AMatin

And the next contract fullfilled. :slight_smile:

No Forks was random there :smiley:, but funny help :tada::confetti_ball:

Can I join? I need to learn how to PCP

How much to evict a corporation from a territory and transfer ownership to my corporation?

Really ? Are you so full of bitterness, that you start to troll even here ?

We won’t feed it for you, only report to CCP :slight_smile:

So keep calm and do your own business. ^^