! S0TAC Inc. opens his Doors!

Hey Agri,

if this is a real request, Mail me ingame :slight_smile:



Hehe, so thx for pushing our thread upwards. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


the childish

So, a quick review of these guys from the wrong side of their guns:

They are small, but tenacious. They backed off when faced with numbers, (I think they missed two reinforcement timers against us.) but have a decent amount of friends they can call in to help if one of their enemies says something particularly stupid and offensive.

Our indy group surprised-dumpstered one of their Leshak bashing fleets, but I think that just fueled them to come after our station even more.

Good fights were had. Iโ€™d like to see them grow to the point where they donโ€™t need to call in their friends though! :slight_smile:

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Can you do anything about my Portrait? Iโ€™m sick and tired of looking at it in the mirror.

Hey Vanessa,

thx, even by your position at the receiving end, that you confirm our ability to
fullfill contracts.

Yeah, in this case we used our Friends, because your groups used over the time
over 60 Chars.
At the End we fullfilled our Contract and made our Money :slight_smile:

So Again, thx for your fair comment.
Was nice to Fight against you and our respect that your guys undocked
to fight.


Annosour Amatin

And again a Happy Client :slight_smile:

Thx for the Job

What a nice kind of mercenary-corp. fair taxes and good work. i keep you in mind!

excellent work and customer relations. did the job promptly and on time. Easily contacted and the guys know their stuff.
will definitely use again


Thx Guys for your beautiful responses


Hi guys, are you recruiting by any chance? Iโ€™m a casual player lookin to learn from a mercenary group

Hi, contact me ingame plz :slight_smile:

Tommorow I will :slightly_smiling_face:

Not every Merc-Group needs a MercPub.
So you can call us directly, it would be easier.

As you can see in this thread, we are thrustfull :slight_smile:



Hey Friends,

after one and a half year merc-services,
with ups and downs and a looot of work
( thx to all clients ) are we closing our doors

We will sail to new Islands, but we donโ€™t want
to forget to thank all for the fun, the fights and
the money.

Good Luck to all and

Fly Save


Annosour Amatin
and his hole Team