The distruction of structures

Try to find some more now…

Just because there was one, doesn’t mean there were others

If that stuff listed there really does not drop, then CCP ought to fix their killmail generation code. Even without the drops, the salvage from these wrecks is worth it.

Go ahead. Nobody is stopping you.

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Stuff can drop!! It’s any complete and undelivered jobs. Hope this helps

That stuff dropped. Materials and undelivered items being manufactured will drop upon explosion.

That structure, and the other large ones probably are worth exploding, but just barely. Each pilot only made about 200M for 1.5h of grinding which isn’t bad, but not much more than the risk-free PvE options on the table.

The medium structures however still aren’t very interesting for a potential garbage collector profession. Perhaps if they are fully fit and undefended so you can do it with a couple ships it would be worth your while, but it still lacks the jackpot feeling of popping POSes had.

Still, I have to say low-powered mode has made them more lucrative to shoot which is good, but TZ tanking does make some just impossible to kill for small groups with real lives. I guess that is fine, but I still think in general they are still too safe for their cost and utility, especially the medium structures. But I am willing to wait some more to see how the Upwell 2.0 changes mix things up before declaring there is still a problem with them.

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Should just make asset safety a fueled service lol (where a lack of asset safety brings the loot fairy into picture). That alone will turn a lot of them into pinatas.

Ofc, they’d also need to add some means of being able to blockade highsec citadels. I mean… can you imagine what would happen if a sufficiently large group decided to blow up the market citadels in Perimeter?

Even if people knew and had time to cancel their orders / evac their assets, there’d be a metric fucktonne of ■■■■ to loot. Millions of plex, injectors, MPTs, etc… /salivates.

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No, that was changed at some point and you had to put the blueprints into the POS if you wanted to use them there.

There was a period where this was possible.

The jackpots, however, were pretty much always the structures used for production. I’m aware of a 4 player corp that made 65b from blowing up a POS that was being used to construct Marauders. Some of the loot was blueprints and there were a few battleships, but overwhelmingly it was T2 intermediate components (like Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plates).

Yes, that was changed after citadels etc were already on the roadmaps. I want to say they even had already introduced citadels but I’m not 100% sure on the timing. It wasn’t a very big window, and it’s not very relevant to historical destruction of POS’es over their lifetime.
And you already get the loot like intermediate components in any active jobs. So already get the paydays in those cases.

Structures Destruction is already happening in high sec :slight_smile:

Safety is kinda good and bad .
it is remove some ISK which good for CCP side.

But not that valuable for the attacker.
The only stuff will drop is the stuff in corp hanger otherwise
the good CEO will have it in his own cargo to avoid it being

I would like If it is removed (safety) so the stuff can drop like WH do ,
so the attacker will enjoy more.

At same time the group with less number will suffer and this is an issue.

I believe CCP made the safety because who in absent for long time to
find his stuff again when he is back.

I do not like it though.

if some one attack he must take every thing and it is logic.
OFC i do not say make it easy for him which also logical.

How to do it ?

And here is the issue with what we call it PVP at corp or alliance level
in everywhere so how to benifit and how to protect.

Actually i suggest a mechanic that : no one can shoot a structures with
out war declaration that including high sec and low and null including
SOV warfare.

The war period will be only for four months and no renew for a month then so on.

Retreating form a war will be within a month and after that no way to do so.

To avoid war as corp just pay like 500M if the corp dose not have stuff in low nor null sec.
If corp has even one structure or stuff in NPC station in low sec then pay 1B to avoid war.
If alliance or corp has stuff or structures in null sec then to avoid war it should pay like 3B.

Next declaration of war should be after four months if being payed to stop it.
otherwise u will be in a war.

To avoid Multi corporations or alliance to declare war at same time then:

Fix who can make corp and who can make alliance.
It is fine for some one to make corp so 1 ppl can create one.
if the corp want to Declar war he must be 15 Members and more and limited
to corporations only. (Corp VS corp)
Creating alliance need 100 Memebers at least with other 100 corp memebers .
Alliance can not be war declared from corporations,
Alliance can not do for corporations also.
Alliance can declare war on alliance only.

All of that can be logged in eve war board for null and low sec and high sec (the losses).

Maybe some will say it is not necessary but i suggest that to add a deep mechanic that will define the losers and the winner.

The method is simple:
Compare between the lose of ISK between the aggressor and defender.

If the the attacker has less lose than the defender like 25% less
in the end of four months of declaring the war then that define he is winner.
The loser will pay the winner 50% of the winner lose.

If the Deffender has less lose than the attacker then all of his lose will be paid
from the attacker (if u can not afford paying you will not do war).

I suggest to add a 24 hours for ally to join and not instant.
Ally should apply to the rule so no alliance ally agianst corporations war.

More Advance war mechanich that how ally joind war to pay for the lose
and how is that split between him and who being helped.

Other issue and that is in high sec war that logisitc can join by repairing his
frind in fleet even if he is not in war.

I suggest to frobid nutral to repair others that in war or the must apply to have
suspect timer.

if they did they must be suspected instant that to fix High sec issue with exploit
as ppl define it.

OFC every one can shoot suspect.

so what do u think guys about the last post ?

You mean, did any one read it? No.


What do I think about it? “Holy Wall of Text”, that’s what I think about it… then scroll through it and read the next post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No. CCP made this because when there were still stations in Null Sec, nobody would use citadels where your stuff would be lost if destroyed but your stuff was still safe in stations. With the removal of stations in null sec the neccesity of safety is removed as well. Hence CCP needs to remove it.

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NO! Go away.


This makes no sense at all. There is no reason to limit structure stuff to wardecs.

No, please go away!


The task is so laborious and takes so long, for so little profit, for so little loss to owners, that its not worth it.

By all means, if you can get a group together to structure bash while you drink beer and talk crap with each other, day after day, week after week, for near to zero profit, good luck to you.

I applaud your attempt to create content, and a new “profession” of structure bashing, but you will invariably find that after max 2 weeks, your group will be bored out of its mind and hurting for isk.

PS: The isk sink is negligible. Not much of structure cost is in raw isk.
Isk is retardedly difficult to destroy in EVE.

Not at all…
points to the 10b+ kill page

That isnt isk.
Its “value in isk”.

/Slaps Dom

What a faceplant.

When you blow up a player ship or structure, you destroy ZERO isk. Infact you generate it if the ship has insurance on it.

Only NPC sinks, biomassing or CCP confiscation destroys isk in EVE.

How do you not know this.