Lifeblood - how's it going?

It’s been nearly a month of EVE:Lifeblood.

More than 10T ISK have been sunk into Athanor/Tatara BPOs, sales of the structures look to be surprisingly low, Basic and Advanced Moon Materials have gone up in price. What else?

264 Athanors and 10 Tataras have been destroyed up until now, according to Zkillboard. In how many cases were these kills due to a conflict about a specific moon? Respectively, in how many cases was it to stop someone else doing it without having own intentions for mining? And again, in how many cases was it just an easy 15 minute investment to get a 1b ISK kill?

How about the mining side of things? Are miners making better profits now? Did anyone who wasn’t a miner before, adapt to make some ISK in the moon game? Anyone who moved to a different area of space for it? Will CCP give us details of moon mining amount per region in the next Economic report? @CCP_Falcon

What’s with the algorithm - was there any update on that? Which seed was taken in the end? Are you guys happy with what kind of moons you have in your neighborhood?

In general, how has everyone been doing? I know it is too early to draw large scale conclusions, but I’m interested in what everyone thinks.

I believe the seed that was used was what I call “Benediction for a Lost Capuleer” that begins " Eyes forward ,capsuleer, the cyno is not yet lit…"

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That, and the data from a couple of pictures. One from each room in Eve Vegas.

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To me most of it is somewhat disappointing, though some things are kinda cool.

I actually like the new agency interface, I liked the event. But I am a sub-cap focused combat pilot. Hence I play high sec PVE with occasional low sec escalations or explo and do some smaller scale PvP in low / null on my respective toons.

I care nothing for the structures or mining or indy aspect of things. In fact to me they are bad, detrimental. Just more spam for my already crowded overview and I’m already at max tabs for their respective various functions. This is actually really bad.

The new caps mean also nothing to me. More cap spam means less dynamic combat, means less battles of the sort I like which is right down harmful. So this is actually an overall damaging thing to the game. I would like to see PvP in better fitted ships to become more, not less affordable. More caps takes this in opposite direction.


I think Lifeblood is doing really well. The moon mining doom and gloom scenario didn’t happen. The agency is top, FOBs and Resource wars are flop.

True, but I’m not sure the new caps are the reason for more caps in game. I’d guess someone who already sits in one and has the change to spare will change into a faction cap. The real issue is the Rorqual insanity which led to Goons mining minerals worth almost 15 Trillion ISK in October 2017 alone. That’s what… potentially 1000 Supers a month?

Yeah, that’s what makes me most curious. I hope we get data about moon mining m3 per region with the next economic report, because I’d really like to know which guys decided to keep feeding the market, investing large amounts of Rorqual hours per month.

I see no future for The Agency - If you are looking for agents, you start with loacating mission hubs for maximum efficiency, or at least looking for agents in 0.5 for maximum profit, using the Agent Finder. Combat anoms are still mostly concentrated in deadend or sidetrack systems that people rarely visit, and you’ll still be just “doing rounds” looking for them along your favourite route. You are never looking for “a” Guristas Hideaway, you are looking for a dozen. The only possible use for The Agency that I see is to easily locate mining anoms, and that is of such a low importance(since all they get you is other empires’ ore in your empire space) that well, whatever.

Pirate FOBs? Maybe if you wouldn’t need to scan them down, people would get to actually killing them, since they are just so… inconsequential. I ran into “Guristas Kesterls”(on a side note, why are hostile NPC ships not red on the overview?) on several occassions and didn’t even realize I was in a FOB system until I asked about it in the Help chat. Plus, the NPCs are of the extremely stupid kind that is unbalanced as hell and they drop nothing. Why would anyone care? To avoid them, just go to a different belt, it’s even easier than incursions…

Resource Wars would be fun if they were literally the opposite of what they are right now. Rather than super-short, super-restricted mini-sites, make them the size of ice belts, open to everyone to join and leave at any time, lasting from one downtime to another. EVE always had an issue with players being unable to see one another during PvE - everyone is just running missions in their own personal pockets, and if it wasn’t for the local chat you might as well be playing a single player game - and Resource Wars were a good opportunity for people to mingle a bit in an EVE equivalent of a “dungeon”. Well, now they’re like combat anoms but for miners with a terrible reward for your effort.

And as for moon mining? I think the point was to make it more “risky” by introducing a physical element to it that could be attacked and destroyed(actually mining a moongoo belt) It probably would have worked better before you created mining barges with battleship tanks though…

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Tanks of mining ships are meaningless in low and null sec …


To be honest, Lifeblood has brought nothing positive for me.

  • I cant use autopilot anymore because of these annoying FOB rats, which makes EVE a lot more tedious.
  • T2 ships and modules have gotten more expensive, which means more ISK grinding.
  • Resource wars are a nice idea, but doing them is a waste of time because the rewards are so low. (You actually lose money if you buy from their LP store.)
  • Im not interesting in POSes and capital warfare, so the new refineries and capitals arent new content for me.

Can you post any links to such killmails and any prove - or at least clues - why you think these are not done by separate people? If you encounter such behaviour you should probably just report it, as it is clearly against the rules.

Anyhow, this doesn’t have anything to do with the Lifeblood expansion, or does it?

For those who didn’t see it, there is a lenghty thread on r/EVE about the changes to Moon Mining and the content connected to it.

Some of the things that have been mentioned there:

  • discussion, wether or not Athanors have enough defensive capabilities
  • influences on the T2 market
  • massive drop in conflict over moons

To the last point, the decrease of conflicts over moons, I’d say it is three main reasons:
1.people who lose their Athanor can put another one of the next moon, since the redistribution made most types of goo abundantly available for mining.
2. despite being less dangerous due to lack of automatic defense-mechanisms as POS had them and generally low offensive capabilities, it takes longer to kill the new structures and TZ tanking can be done more effectively than before
3. If you take a moon, you have to actually mine it, unless the only reason to take down the Athanor is to limit profits of the defender. Fighting over the option to mine, might happen, but PVP focussed groups who don’t like to mine are much less likely to do it.

P.S. It would be extremely interesting to know about moon mining volume by region in the Monthly Economic Report, but sadly there was no mention of it. Not so much as to compare who profits from it the most, but to see wether the predictions of Lowsec income being heavily nerfed by it are actually true or not.

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LOL, the FOB rats are CODE. agents!

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