[Lifeblood] Corporate Mining Ledger


(Steve Ronuken) #21

The whole point of ninja mining is to avoid paying the owner.

With the loss of siphons, welcome to the way things are.

(Gina Barbagrigia) #22

Huh? Could you show me where can I set mining tax for pubs? Roids are fair game for anybody. As it should be.

(Beta Maoye) #23

Nothing is set in stone. What the game does is upto the will of players and dev. Sov mechanic in EVE is always a struggle between status quo and change and between establishment and opposition.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #24

Speaking of taxes any chance you could talk to ccp about adding a compression tax? Or at the very least letting us block people from using compression seperate from also blocking them from refining?

(elitatwo) #25

This makes me wonder if you even listen to yourself when you talk. Not only are you folks complaining about free intel but encourage folks to make even more intel tools, so that you can yolo-carebear your infinite currency heaps in your un-killable sooper-dooper pve ships that you give out like candy-land.

Look, the only reason I didn’t apply for the CSM is, that I believe this fellowship of developers to be a mockery.

(Steve Ronuken) #26

uhh, you know this is talking, not about an intel tool, but basically as a way to tax their members, right?

You can’t track the mining of people who don’t give you permissions (other than if they mine out of one of the belts created by a moon miner. And that data is specifically delayed)

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #27

i do think if it is possible CCP should look into making a Fleet ledger. you already have the loot table to get this information but the ledger is a much cleaner way to look at this. rather than showing each individual cycle that you then have to go over it could just show the total ore mined by an individual over the course of the fleet

(Amarisen Gream) #28

From my understanding, and as I think I’ve posted -

CCP is trying to be like mobile phone OS developers.

Where they say you can get an app for that. CCP is saying you can get a 3rd party tool for it. I would personally rather see more of it in-game. but with the way the SSO system works, I guess it won’t be that bad. If you aren’t what others would see as scum, you shouldn’t have an issue allowing your info to be SSOed…

But than again - I think rule #1 in EVE is - DON’T TRUST ANYONE

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #29

no problem with it rather its just more tedious

(CCP Lebowski) #30

(Tasman Cabrillo) #31

I think you mean that you will create one, like you always do, and everyone will praise you to the high heavens for doing so.
works for me.

(Tasman Cabrillo) #32

true, but that owner can just kill you when you arrive. sit a curse on the moon belt and you warp in to "oh what’s that? oh Im dead"
I guess it really depends on where you are. i dont see much ninja mining in the deep bowels of null sec happening, but if you want to try, go ahead, we will be waiting with a bubble and some killers for you.
not many of these rented systems with any kind of valuable moon are just going to allow joe hisec ninja miner to come by for a piece of the pie. i still see moon mining as akin to PI. you can’t move PI without a POCO, so why should someone just be allowed to come and take away from my moon that I had to build infrastructure on without my knowledge. a moon siphon had intel on it, as to who owned it, and you could kill it. i have no problem with ninja salvaging or mining in an asteroid belt or ice belt. but on a moon it should be more stringent like PI, imo.

(CCP Lebowski) #33

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