Hey Bros, Where have most Asteroids Belt in eve?

wherever tell me.

Find it.


It’s always the system next to the one you are in.


There is really good mining in a system named Tama. Also pretty good is a system called Uedama. Enjoy! o7

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Why not just Isanamo, Lonetreak.

LOL. you guys are mean. all those systems listed above are heavly camped by really large groups


You want to go to a quiet system, and mine in anomalies. More belts don’t matter since they respawn and anomalies have more valuable ore anyway.

Get a fast cargo ship while your at it. You will need to ship your ore to a trade hub. Also if the system has a refinery, you can compress the ore. Easier to ship that way, and it’s more valuable to boot. Click on the eve icon on the top left, then click on utilities > structure browser. Click on structure type, and uncheck everything that isn’t a refinery. You will see all the refineries available in your region.

Get in a medium sized corporation, or maybe even eve university to learn the game. Even if you are an introvert and a solo player, you will at least have protection and intel.

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I don’t really agree with the idea that you need to ship ore to a trade hub–searching just a little for a decent price in your area is a better use of a player’s time than flying all the way to a trade hub. But I strongly agree that compressing the ore before selling it is a really good way to make mining worth your while. I never mine in a system without a refinery.

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I can get missions started with roids, clear the mission in high sec and give them away, high sec caldari, also NO CHARGE, me not care.

Of asteroids!

There are no more asteroids. You have finally mined them all, congratulations.

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