When do the rocks respawn

New trying find rocks to mine but can’t find field that have them. We t low sec last night see if could find , and yes It cost me my venture which was insured. So I know that’s part of the game. Am I just too much of a new to get this or just in lucky

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Asteroid belts and Ore Anomalies respawn at downtime. If you are in an area that doesn’t have any available then it is being mined out. You will need to pick a less active system to mine in.


So what is a good resource that may list them? Do you go to the same ones or is always great searching?

I don’t think there is any resource that lists rock amounts/sizes outside of the game. You have to go find them. Me personally, I live in an area that is less trafficked and never has the rocks mined out. It would be my suggestion to find yourself a place like that.

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Ok thanx for your honest response.

You search nice mining spots?
Try Dotlan:

There’s different info in the maps, also how much traffic there occured in the recent 24 hours.

Numbers in Lonetrek, just for a comparison.

Dotlan will also tell you the number of ore and ice belts there are in each system. Combined with the number of jumps/hour and the number of ship kills it should let you find a low traffic system where you can mine in relative peace all day!

Generally you can expect traffic to fall off the farther you are from a major trade hub or other population center. You can also expect higher yield asteroids and more challenging belt rats the lower the security rating of the system.

Once you leave the starter systems (rookie griefing is a bannable offence) no place in Eve is 100% safe but pirates tend to work in populated areas since that’s where prey is plentiful. If you’re not maintaining situational awareness and get ganked - don’t complain, you’ll get no sympathy!

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