Greedy Caldari Ice Miner, very greedy

(Transgirl) #1

He clears the whole ice spawn very quickly with 21 orcas on a highsec island (1 lowsec jump)
:roll_eyes: Is this the mining endgame? 21 orcas, and 1 stopwatch? +21 permits?
This 21 orca guy is like an uncaged nullbear
¯_(ツ)_/¯ all i wanted was to mine and make my own scourge missiles, is that greedy? i dunno (just lie, k thx)

(Penance Toralen) #2

war-dec, hire mercs or move.

If you want something done…

(QuakeGod) #3

Bring a few friends in bump Machariels and Fleet Stabbers. He won’t get a damn thing done. I do this all the time in my home system until they finally get the hint and either log out or leave the system.

(Vesper Latte) #4

Mining end-game is more 21 Rorqs in Null-sec. Get more accts plexed and get more mining ships going is one solution.

(Arthur Aihaken) #5

@QuakeGod You’re vicious. I like your style.

(Transgirl) #6

I can’t do that to every greedy bear I see in highsec, I’ll leave that highsec stuff to code. I prefer FW and wormhole pvp when I have time. I love to kill wh bears though
(I also don’t have any character living in his orca infested island system)

(Transgirl) #7

You’re a special kind of evil :slight_smile: my kind of company

(Dyver Phycad) #8

CODE does the same with 8 Orcas all the time either on ice belts and moon mining belts. Yes, this is mining endgame in high sec, and the gankers are participating big time.

(system) #9

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