NPC Mining fleets getting orcas in dec

just heard this ingame. Thoughts?

apparently there is too much ore in highsec and this will help rebalance further?

Rumor monger.


Too Much Ore??


CCP just took alot of it away from HiSec.

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So if I say in game that CCP are going to delete all characters who’s names start with a C, will you also run to the forums to post about that? I mean it has as many references behind it.

That it is, but I’m bored and will run with it: IF that is something that has been considered, perhaps CCP can have the NPC mining fleets operate on a system similar to the dynamic bounty system. The more mining activity a system sees, the more NPC mining fleets will show up to reduce the amount of ore that players can take out.

You do know there is already behind the scenes depletion mechanics on asteroid belts right? Where if you entirely mine them out they don’t come back 100% the next day.

There are NPC orcas in belts for ages now. Wake up troll

Yes, and since CCP has been looking at making things more dynamic, it is not unreasonable to consider that they would deal with asteroid distribution the same way. Especially since the current depletion mechanics are static, and predictable.

I don’t see any reason for this update, currently NPC Ventures have the ability to compress their own ore and wipe out entire belts, why would they need NPC Orcas except maybe to advertise Orcas as an option?

Per the new design. Every belt in highsec should be depleted no more than 2-3 hours after downtime daily. Rebalancing risk vs reward and putting players in the low and null systems that belong.

A long term buff to industry for sure.

You really have drank teh koolaid

Why would you want all the ore gone only in highsec?

The funny thing is risk vs reward is certainly higher in highsec than blue donut nullsec backwater/deadend systems.

There is only reward in low and only risk in high so w/e

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