An extremely serious question about botting

In nullsec now you can’t identify bots via local, you have to land on grid with them. You don’t know who or what is reporting intel as they sit on gate (anyone remember that one Chinese bot which got caught scraping ingame meta data on people when it accidentally posted to local?)

So blackout conceptually has been really good so far but now you will find stuff like gilas or even a nyx warping off when you jump gate, the nyx safelogged out of a POS meaning I cant see who owns the nyx to report it. I am in a cloaky, its not like I am visible for very long.

Pretty interesting situation and I want an answer as I am an avid hater of bots and have seen many local turbo krabs get banned after reporting them, sometimes a dozen or more times for the same offender.

Haven’t you heard? The local blackout completely destroyed botting, as was promised by all “delete local” supporters over the years. So this is a non-issue now.

… right?


yup there is now no botting in Null lol

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You should report that method to ccp. But yeah botting changed slightly seen more running high sec anoms now and the market ones really annoying me atm having to spend hours playing 1 isk games just to sell stuff!

Just report the system and what time it was, CCP can check who was in that system at that time.

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“Mission Accomplished!!”

When you’re so autistic people actually think you’re a bot.


Phew if you were just casually serious about this question it could be hand waved away as a joke but as you are extremely serious about it…


Thats called content lol

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It was supposed to make hunting and catching targets of opportunity easier, side effect is it made the botters use new arguably even more efficient intel systems to protect their assets.

Or just have Daytrading trained :slight_smile:

–Gadget offers her .01 ISK

Bots got better, and real people are fewer and further between.

How are you able to see these things safelog away when they’ve still got NPC combat timers?

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Because they return to POS, then warp off in a smaller ship from corp hangar. That’s where the gila came in, he jumped in it then buzzed off. I was watching him do it on d-scan while trying to pin him down. By the time I get there its all over. Very clever and efficient, means they can be completely safe using something as little as an astrahus. One guy used a covops frig to disappear.

So you “saw” all of this on Dscan.

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Yes, and get this, it takes time to scan down a tower with dscan, and npc timer is only 5 minutes. If the nyx is prewarping out he takes quite a while to land doesn’t he.

It takes you 5 minutes to Dscan down a tower?

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Blackout is about trying to make risk somewhere closer to the horrific rewards the Null theme park gives out, why anyone would believe bots could not adapt are delusional.

Now after the BO and even after the cyno changes, null still needs a massive reduction in rewards and the number of people any system can support, just to try and restore some balance.

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WELL HERE WE GO KIDS. And after roaming around detorid entering systems with on the map, 15+ people who had been in space and a full 5 military index and the arrow green and didn’t a see a soul for dozens of jumps now we have the answer. Just brilliant. Ban every single ■■■■■■■ one of them. They are using bots which scrape the logs. They use an intel bot on the gates to detect warps which alerts the krabs to leave space.


CCP Quality Control strikes again. When you think CCP can’t mess up any worse than the previous unbelievable mess up they tell you to hold their beer and prove you wrong. :thinking: :no_mouth: