Must be bored

Well was looking at random peeps while flying around awhile ago and come across this guy shooting what looked like bots maybe ?? Sooo i decided to look at his kb and guess what lets just pad our kb :stuck_out_tongue: Killboard

So i wonder if it worth to dec them just for the laughs ??

That is some serious ratting

Eliminate the condor menace!


He is likely shooting his own alt to pad his killboard.

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That’s not even possible. The time needed to redock, reship, undock alone would only allow for 3-4 per minute. There are literally over a hundred that took place at 7:29 and that was when I gave up looking.

Very sketchy. Should be looked at by CCP.

Just because your understanding of the game is limited doesn’t make it sketchy or impossible. A quick view of the killmails would have shown you it was done with smartbombs.

Guy uses orca or bowhead, warps to safe spot, dumps ships out, moves off a bit and duels friend/alt. Friend/Alt smarties all the things and voila you have as many killmails as you want the cheap way and everyone knows your a moron for doing it.:smiling_imp:


The games gods play…

That dude is gonna sign a PL Application.


Smart bombs. He pre placed them in a cluster

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