For past 2 weeks everytime I traveled through Aphi I saw around 10 Ishtars with sentries and MTU on dscan. After a while I got curious so I tried to probe them and found out they are inside Labyrinth. I couldn’t enter to see what are they doing there as I was missing key.

This smells fishy, all the Ishtars are obviously one multiboxer and they are there in any hour a day every day. What is going on there? Are there some continuous respawns that can be abused for afk ratting? Is this a possible bot?

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COSMOS content is a very old design. It is likely that they are farming a set of permanent loot cans. The contents of those cans refresh every 5 - 10 mins or so.

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A few of the cosmos complexes just have endless respawns, some of them have BS rats so that will be fairly profitable to afk rat all day. I think some people got banned for abusing it a while back. I know there’s a caldari cosmos plex you can do something similar in. One person would sit in the middle with an ishtar and the other would kite out and put sentry drones on defensive and just farm bounties all day. They even put up a mobile tractor to get all the loot.

Might be worth throwing in a support ticket. not sure what CCP’s stance is on it these days.

The Caldari one is in a highsec island.

Drop some warden IIs off 60k away then go to work. Come back to half a bill.

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shoot why am I not doing that right now

ps. last time I looked they were using gilas with faction drones. The CN vespas have pretty silly tanks with gila bonuses.

It may have changed since I took part in it back in 2007.

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