COSMOS mission not respawning enough

Currently the warehouse that drops the printer parts in the Contested Lai Dai site only seems to spawn once a day, and a player who is able to come on after shutdown appears to be exploiting this by taking it out and scooping the loot, and then posting an item needed for a COSMOS mission in contracts for over 170M ISK every day (COSMOS award is probably no more than 15M for that mission).

I don’t mind entrepreneurship but other items in the Contested Lai Dai site respawn more than once/day, so people in other time zones have a chance at getting them. Much as I want to finish the mission and get the standings boost, I’m just going to have to forego finishing it because it’s not worth the ISK.

Yea thats the drawback currently with cosmos.

You can do the soe arc for standings

already done it, will do SOE again, but COSMOS Contested Lai Dai site is more or less broken in my opinion, given the respawn issue. Everything else in the site respawns frequently enough.

Can you do the caldari arc?

You can buy standings as well

Since you posted this under csm @Brisc_Rubal could you bend a ccp ear to fix respawn rate?

They’re not going to touch these missions. They’re too old.

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